Are 35cm Croc Porosus Birkins selling for 35,000++?

  1. Anyone has recent croc prices this year for Kellys and Birkins/Porosus or Niloticus?? Seems like prices have gone up A LOT.

    I heard 35cm porosus Birkin in porosus is 35,000-40,000 USD ?? I recall it being in the 20K range 3 years ago.
  2. I called my local store, Cuff's in Cleveland and they told me they thought they were around 27. I was talking to Luxury Zurich and they told me they thought they run about 30k in the stores.
  3. kelly 28 croc nilo is almost $ 20,000 incl. taxes.

    birkin 35 croc porosus is almost $ 40,000 incl taxes.
  4. Wow, that's a big difference. I wonder if it's because of conservation efforts?
    That darn Croc Hunter messed it all up for us! :roflmfao:
  5. I think it might be also related to weak US dollars in the FX (foreign exchange) market...hence imported goods are more expensive.
  6. A 35 cm. matte croc retourne Kelly was selling for somewhere around $31,000 .... which is why it isn't on my shopping list right now. Someday.....
  7. MrsMorris,
    Is the price for a porosus crocodile kelly?
  8. Yes, sorry for not adding that info....I think that I am still overwhelmed, :smile:.
  9. I agree. :tup:
  10. My SA told me it was related to the lack of crocs cause of the droughts around the world. Think he's pulling my leg?

  11. One more reason to go "green"
  12. a sellier porosus 35cm kelly last month in the US was $23,000 not including tax. (not matte though- shiny)
  13. I seriously cannot imagine the price of it later.
  14. the resellers are asking 40-55 thousand for 35 cm porosus birkins. so there must be at least 6-7 thousand profit in there, but as much as 10 thousand? that sure is an awful lot.
  15. Hmmm...I'm a little confused about the price myself also.
    I saw a cocoan 35 croc birkin for 38,000 CDN (which seems very comparison to other Canadian Hermes items...) so I don't know!