ardoise vs graphite

  1. whats the difference?
  2. i haven't seen them in the same leather to say for sure but i do believe that ardoise is a darker, deeper grey.
  3. Me neither, I was about to say the same thing (haven't seen in same leather) but I was going to guess that graphite is a shade darker...!
  4. eek! well, it was just a guess.
  5. I think they are both dark grey but it seems to me that ardoise is a dark grey with a blue note w/o actually being blue while graphite in clemence actually looks like bronze in some light.
  6. I agree. I have ardoise in swift and graphite in clemence.
  7. I've seen both in clemence. Ardoise is cooler (rather than warmer).
  8. i've only seen ardoise in the evening (clemence version). but it was TDF!!
  9. is ardoise & graphite both available in togo ?
  10. Here's a picture of graphite in a 50 cm travel Kelly...

    Travel Kelly.jpg
  11. I saw a graphite croc Kelly today at H and it was the most beautiful color I've ever seen. I can't even describe how amazing it was.
  12. I agree with Seton and Asa. Ardoise has a cooler bluish undertone while graphite is warmer with a hint of brown.

    Graphite in Croc is amazing!! I would think the undertones are more pronounced in croc than in leather. I guess that will always be the case with exotics. I wonder if it is the saturation of color or the skin itself thats makes the colours look different?:thinking::wondering
  13. I have never seen Ardoise in real life, but I have a Graphite Birkin in Clemence and I would indeed describe the colour as warm grey. Depending on the light and the clothes that you wear it blends with the environment.
  14. Yes ardoise is a cooler gray with blue undertones.
    IMG_4779_1.JPG IMG_4780_1.JPG
  15. ^^
    Rockerchic - that is one gorgeous bag!