Ardennes vs. Togo vs. Veau Liegee

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  1. Ardennes looks good in the pictures posted in the Reference section, but I can't figure out how it compares to Togo and VL? It looks similar to togo. Does anyone know whether it is an embossed leather or natural? How floopy is it? Does it have alittle shine or is it very matte? VL is either stretched several ways or embossed--I am not sure. I have a 35 Birkin in chocolat Togo and am thinking that a black Bikin in ardennes would be a change of pace. (I have A Kelly sellier in VL and find it very stiff.) Thanks for any help 1
  2. Hi BlueParrot. I have all three and I absolutely love Ardennes for the sheen and durability. It is quite structured, at least the bag I have is. I have a 32 HAC from 1997 and it is still very stiff. I can't give you any info on embossed/natural. I'm sure some of the experts will chime in. It has the look of a stiff clemence, if that makes any sense. The grain is larger than Togo. If I could find another bag in Ardennes, in good shape, I wouldn't hesitat to buy it.

    Of all my bags, the VL shows the most wear, perhaps because it is a lighter color (gold).

    Hope this helps.
  3. Can I just chime in, Ardennes feels more durable to me than even togo. It is a great leather for a workhorse Birkin/Bag it looks like it will last centuries!
  4. Ardennes is a natural grain, not embossed. Very hardy. Wonderful. With use/age, gets a slight patina (not 100% matte). More structured than togo. Not being made into bags these days, so if you want a bag in this leather you will need to get one through a reseller. VL is much stiffer.
  5. FYI VL is stretched (something like 8 ways?), not embossed.
  6. Ardennes sounds perfect for me! Too bad it is not being made into bags, Pepper. Is it possible to do a SO in Ardennes?
  7. Ardennes was discontinued and is therefore only available vintage.
  8. I last saw "new" Ardennes about a year or two ago, used in the seat of a Pippa bench. It has not been used in Birkins for more than 5 years I'd guess (closer to 10, more likely). It's too bad.
  9. This is one skin H seriously needs to consider bringing back.
  10. I totally agree with you ms piggy. It is a beautiful skin.