Ardennes vs Fjord, preferences?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a 40b, a workhorse bag in a structured leather that can take a beating. I've read good things about Ardennes and Fjord, but I would very much welcome the opinions of the experts here. Weight doesn't matter!

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Both are great. The main differences lie in the size of the grains and overall sheen. Ardennes will develop a great shine. Fjord stays matte. The grains on fjord are larger than Ardennes. Finally Ardennes can only be found on older bags not new. It also cannot be SO. Fjord is in production. Depends on the color. Both are equally hearty.
  3. Thanks hermesmonkey :smile: I'm ok with a preloved bag - I think I might actually prefer something I won't have to worry about too much. I've seen many pictures of fjord's veining, and I'm not that keen. Do you have both and prefer one?
  4. Have both, and echo hermesmonkey...

    Never a fan of any veins but if it's even veining then it doesn't matter as much to me, becomes a pattern of sorts.

    Re: fjord
    New is matte, but i also have a vintage fjord, no longer matte... Yet, i don't prefer one over the other, I like both.

    Guessing all leathers/skins eventually develop a patina ie. ostrich, matte croc/Mississippi...
  5. Fjord in a 40 is heavy, I would go for Ardennes as it would be easier to carry!
  6. Ardennes over Fjord (not a fan of the heavy veining)
  7. Ardennes is a beautiful "workhorse" leather. Good luck with your decision.
  8. Also prefer Ardennes over Fjord. The grains in Fjord just look too large IMO.
  9. is cowhide equivalent to fjord?
  10. I think they're both cowhide.
  11. I believe both are technically bullhide, hence the large grain of the skins. I have bags in both skins and I think I prefer Ardennes slightly more due to its sheen. It's unfortunate that Ardennes is no longer in production, although Fjord is a nice durable skin as well.
  12. Would someone with both leathers be kind enough to post a comparison shot? TIA!
  13. I second this request.. Would love to see side by side comparison..
  14. My personal preference is fjord. I am not big fan of Ardennes as the grain appear more flat and more "pressed" than fjord.

    You are more likely to find Ardennes in preloved condition especially in size 40!

    If you have no preference for grains, then Ardennes will be much easier to find not to mention cheaper in the secondary market!
  15. Since Ardennes is only available on the secondary market, it is pretty easy to find with resellers. However, in the last year or so, I have noticed the price of Ardennes has gone up quite a lot, probably due to the fact it is discontinued, the durability and the number of fans on Tpf! Considering the age of many Ardennes bags (Birkins and Kellys in particular) they are getting close to current retail. My Ardennes HAC is from 1997 and still looks like new.