Ardennes anyone?

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  1. I'm intrigued by this leather. And I know next to nothing about it. Can anyone shine a light on this discontinued leather and what it's pros and cons are?
  2. Light weight
    Hard n stiff just like Epsom
    Its grain leather too
    Not so prone to scratches but corners will still scruff
  3. I have had two bags a Vert Fonce 40 Kelly (now off to auction) and a black 40 Birkin (still have). I adore the leather. It is one of my favorites. It holds its shape well on these large size bags. I like the slight sheen to it. It is hardy in my opinion, though I did get a ragged fingernail scratch on the Kelly.
  4. I have a 35B in Ardennes, and it's heavy. It's an older bag so the leather is nice and thick, it doesn't slouch and it's very hardy. But it's heavy like clemence, possibly heavier.
  5. Very durable, beautiful grain….Just took my 17 year old Ardennes bag in for a spa treatment. Can't wait to see it when it gets back. You will not be disappointed in this leather.

  6. + 1. My bag is 14 years old and looks perfect!! The best leather for a black bag. I am not sure how other colors look in Ardennes. I love a gold color in Togo. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395677526.628534.jpg
  7. Thank you ladies!!!! You've been very, very helpful!!!!

    It sounds like this leather can also be easily refurbished and even "home polished" in case the corners get wear for example....?
  8. Honestly, I have no problem with corners at all. May be because my is a black color. I have way more problems with corners on myTogo bags.
  9. I totally agree! Ardennes in black is just PERFECTION!
  10. i bought a 1999 ardennes sellier K32 late last year..the leather feels rock solid and very firm.. before i acquired this bag, i read on tpf that ardennes is indestructible..when i held the k32 for the first time, i instantly knew that it was true!!! it really does feel indestructible...
  11. Heavy
    With a grain that is unique to it
    Great workhorse
  12. I own Ardennes, chevre, togo, clemence and box. Ardennes is one of my favorite leathers. My Ardennes is a 35 black Birkin w/ GH. It is gorgeous- hides wear very well, keeps its color/sheen, and holds its shape very well. I am very careless with my bags (some would call it abusive) and I have two little boys that constantly "bend" the front of my bags to search of snacks in my bags. My "younger" togos and clemences have long started to flop over in the front panel where my kids bend them, but the Ardennes still holds its shape and looks great. It's a textured leather that has structure without being stiff. The look is polished but not formal (as box can be sometimes). I don't think it's any heavier than my togo and clemence Birkins. If H still made this leather, I would definitely get another one.
  13. I also have a bag in Ardennes that is around 17 years old. You would never know its age by looking at the bag though. It's very, very sturdy, and a real workhorse. It holds its shape very well. As much as I love soft leather like Togo, I honestly feel more inclined to "baby" Togo bags than Ardennes. I love this leather!
  14. Thanks to you ladies and to a very special PFr (you know who you are!) I decided to take the plunge and grab this very lovely vintage lady. 26+ years old and going strong and in magnificent condition!

    I gave her a little drink and buffed up her hardware, added the canvas strap and now this gal is ready for anything. Amazing!!!!

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  15. S'Mom, she's gorgeous. LOVE the strap!