Ardan Leather - Feedback please

  1. How would you describe Ardan leather? Is it as soft as deerskin? Is it heavier than chevre? I am assuming it's softer than even togo and clemence, so a bag in this leather would slouch a lot over time???
  2. Hi mrssparkles, Ardennes leather is similar to Togo but slightly stiffer. It also has a "drier" feel to it. Yes, it is heavier than Chevre. I used to have a bag in this leather but don't have the pictures anymore, unfortunately. Let me see if I can do a search on eBay...
  3. Hmm, that's interesting, Ardennes is supposedly discontinued! It has a J stamp, too. That does look like Ardennes alright. Does anyone know if they brought it back? :shrugs: I'm also thinking she misspelled Ardennes, but could this be a new leather? :shrugs: :shrugs:

    Mrssparkles, MK sells authentic Hermes but she does slap on a very high premium!
  4. It is from the forum that I got to know MK is a reputable reseller. So what does this mean now? If it is discontinued, then how come ....???

    Comments, anyone? Anyone in the know?

    Yup, you can say that again. For the resale price, I can get one and a half Birkins (30 cm & 35 cm) from the store. Except that the wait is agonising ... and if I can get onto a waitlist to begin with ....:crybaby:
  5. Mrssparkles, I've seen small accessories in Ardennes w/ recent blindstamps in the stores, so maybe Hermes still has "leftover" Ardennes. LOL This is just the first time I've seen a newly-made bag in Ardennes in a while.
  6. Agree...I haven't seen a newly made bag in Ardennes in a while. The Ardennes bags that I've seen on eBay are usually pre-owned & about 8-10 years old.
  7. I must say that Rouge Vif IS gorgeous and rich in this leather. What a stunner!
  8. But I think the 30 Birkin that I saw at Mika's store is also the ardanne rouge vif. I am pretty sure it was a H blind stamp (although I could be wrong), since I thought to myself that the bag was only several years old and not too old....
  9. This is even higher than Tokyo reseller prices
  10. Is it my monitor? For some odd reasons the bag MightyKismet has looks like a bright strawberry red (almost pink) on my screen?
  11. kind of like in between strawberry red and shocking pink?
  12. Yup! That's what it looks like on my monitor!
  13. I don't want to contradict anyone here...but to my eye the leather looks like Fjord (perhaps it's just the picture?). That would also explain the intensity of the color - colors are always stronger on Clemence and Fjord because the dyes are absorbed differently on each leather. I was also under the impression that Ardennes was discontinued - I haven't seen it myself for years...In either case (Fjord or Ardennes) the leather will be more rigid than Togo or Clemence - and very durable!
  14. Luxwear, I looked at the bag (esp. close-ups) and I think you're right--it does look more like Fjord! I'm afraid I concentrated more on the fact that she called it "Ardan" than looking more closely at the grain. And yes, it's true that Rouge Vif looks absolutely gorgeous in Fjord! It appears as a very bright cherry-red. It does have a more pink tone, even more so than in Chevre!

    I apologize if I confused anyone!:flowers: