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  2. nope. And I think Hermes actually just sued some people who makes the jelly version of Birkin and Kelly look-alikes.
  3. I saw some in my Japanese catalog magazine and supposedly it was a souvenir from some Hermes exhibitions or something. It was called Vinyl Kelly. There is also text in the bag: Souvenir de L'exposition Hermès ... Un Voyage au Pays des Merveilles. So, it's the same text as in the eBay link.

    But I don't know if it's true or not.

  4. Something to new to learn again everyday, I love it :flowers:

    It would be cool if that one is real, the seller also has another white/clear one.

    I'm hoping others who know more about this to chime in, and thanks Coco for asking about this bag in the 1st place.
  5. The gold looks good but the low price has me a little suspicious. Not sure about the croc...
  6. Dunno about croco, but the other one looks good. The bag is made in 1997, so it's around 9 yrs old. Price is kinda low but the auction still has 4 days to go.
  7. That's true. Awhile back I talked about seeing older, authentic gold Courcheval Birkins on eBay a lot - this looks like one of them! This bag does show some wear, though.
  8. Is courchevel the predecessor of epsom? I saw the pics looks like the texture is similar.

    Btw, the seller has the same bag as Baggaholic's new birkin but in HAC.
  9. Yes, but there was also Veau Graine Lisse- A similar pressed leather. I believe VGL came before Epsom. It seems the pressed leathers are only around for a few years before they come up with a replacement - but things like Togo, Chevre and Clemence are around for good.
  10. Aha, thanks GT.. but courchevel is no longer produced, am I right?

    I saw another leather the other day, it was smooth and shiny like box calf but not as smooth. I cant remember what the name that I was told by the seller. Do you know GT?
  11. Right, cour. has been discontinued for a few years.

    The other leather you saw could have been Rodeo. This is the leather of Joanna's orange Kelly. Check her thread and see if it's like what you saw.
  12. 1) Someone help me here! If that really is crocodile, where are the dots?

    2) I read somewhere she is a reputable seller.
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