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  1. Quote from Seller:
    "I understand your concern regarding the bag. This bag was purchased from LV which mean that it is authentic. I truly do not sell fake bags. I have gone out of my way for you. Now, you are trying to say the bag is fake. why didn't you check before I spent time and effort looking for the chain. I think I have been more than kind. Normally, any other seller would have been done with this type of situation and moved on. I think at this point, if you don't want the bag, sell it on ebay. Please I really want to be done with this. You and I have been communicating for a while. Although, I enjoy communicating with you, I'm a very busy person with a full time job. Please let's get pass this. The bag is authentic. You have a brand new LV chain which I paid $75.00. What more can I do."
    How would you reply to and deal with this mess? And thanks for the hugs, I really am sooooooooo upset about this.
  2. Okay can any of you help me tell if this is authentic or not? Obviously this bag is VERY well worn.
    I don't know much about LV's, so any help is much appreciated. :confused1: There is no code or anything that I can tell, but I think this is more of a vintage one, I could be totally off.. anyway, any advice is great, thanks!!! :P

  3. There's something about the leather that looks iffy [mainly the top edging of the Bucket] and the date code font looks big on this Petit Bucket... Can you take pics at the bottom leather piece on the exterior of the bag, and possibly provide a clearer pic of the trademark heat stamp [Louis Vuitton Paris made in ________]?

    I agree with Addy that the alignment on the pouch looks OFF completely. The canvas even looks iffy.

    Oh btw... welcome fellow Texan! ;)
  4. FAKE. Heat stamp is off among other things.
  5. Oh man... I just knew it!! Good thing is I only paid $1.50 for it at a charity store.. :roflmfao: I actually put it back first, thinking even if it was real it was soo thrashed, but then I grabbed it and thought what the heck, for a buck, even if it's fake, what are you out? Or I could always cut it up and use it for something else! :idea: But, then I couldn't tell because the leather and all the trim seems to be real, so I just couldn't assume.. well thanks anyway!! :crybaby:
  6. Burn that sucker!!! :nuts:
  7. :death: will do... i hate fakes!!! thanks
  8. I need a little help here. Thanks a lot

    I have some more pics but I need to resize them first (date code, zipper pull)

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  9. Looks ok so far, judging by the heat stamp but I'll wait until you get the other pics up before I make a final call.
  10. Here are your pics, it looks ok to me but it's a bit beat up looking in terms of the hardware. If the price isn't much of a "deal" I'd probably just get one that's new. :yes:

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  11. ^ ALL Fake! The Damier isn't supposed to be that shiny. I thought I saw my own reflection in that "damier" messenger. Also, the yellow card in the wallet is a big no no too.
  12. Fake, the heat stamping and lining are way off for a couple of things.
    As for the wallet, you should run away from anything with a yellow card.
  13. I agree with John - the canvas on the pouch looks off and the D in the date code looks too large

    Need more pics - zipper pulls on both, bottom rim of leather on bucket, interior of pouch

    As a buyer, you have every right to be satisfied with your purchase. Contact the seller and let them know that you would like to return the bag AND the chain for a full refund. File a dispute with eBay/ PayPal and a complaint with your cc company right away. The dispute can always be cancelled but you need to put the process in place NOW. This way, PayPal will request that you send the item back with tracking and provide them with the tracking number.

    The link for eBay is here - Item Significantly Not as Described:

    Keep all your messages and emails regarding anything to do with this dispute as you will need to submit documentation to PayPal.

    Hang in there! :yes:
  14. I'd like to see a clearer pic of the heat stamp in there. Also since the date code might be too hard to photograph, asking the seller what it is would help.
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