Balenciaga pages - can anyone get them to work?

  1. I can only display the first photo of these pages in Firefox. My IE7 Flash player is not working so I can't test with IE:

    This page does work for me in Firefox:

    I was hoping to find more old photos in the archive, but no luck. Maybe someone else with more diligence & skill can find more?!!? I got to these pages by going to and inputting .
  2. fiat,
    What a cool thing, so it leads you to archives from various sites? There's some others that I'd like to do a search on. How long has this tool existed? I had no idea that it did.

    Anyways, thanks for the link babe! :flowers:
  3. ? Are you trying to find ready to wear pics from past seasons??? If so, you can just click "archive" under "collection", and it gives you options to choose from FW or SS collection dates back to 04.

    If you're looking for pics from even before that, go to and click "previous season" under "fashion show".

    Hope this helps:smile:
  4. It has existed for several years....I'm thinking at least 4 or 5? It was better in the earlier days before many people knew about it, because once some people found out they would ask for their site not to be archived (party poopers!!). ;) Also, things like flash also make the archive less useful.

    The first time I used it I had a lot of fun looking at older versions of my university's website ... ;)
  5. Yes...well, that just sounds too easy. I was trying to do it the hard way. ;) Actually I was hoping I would find some of their photos of really early stuff (like the flat brass, etc), but it doesn't look like they were even marketing the accessories on their website until much more recently.
  6. off topic, but similar to archiving... if you have the google toolbar, you can enter your search term in the box and then click on "search site" so it limits it's searches to within that website only. I use it a lot on when I'm looking up a serial number. Works for and bluefly too, and is very useful for looking up stock pics and descriptions.
  7. I can answer to that. Balenciaga website wasn't up and running until 03, and at that time, they were just showing their runway pics and the store locations. They only started showing accessories in I believe 05 or 06. And that's only for current season accessories, not the really old stuff. The archive is only for runway pics, not for least yet.
  8. Thanks tooshies. I ran across a page that was announcing the opening of the new flagship store in NYC ... I believe it was sometime in 2003. I didn't realize the store was that new!
  9. fiat, I can see some the accessories from the recent years, do you want me to try to cut and paste them?
  10. Well...don't bother if you can navigate to them from the current website ... I'm going to go try that now... ;)

    ETA: Yes, please cut & paste them if you can! I just realized that tooshies said from the beginning that I can only go to the ready-to-wear photos from past seasons... lol.

    P.S. I just love that photo of the magenta box w/planet!!
  11. :crybaby:
    OMG!!! I can't believe my eyes!!! Shiny gold hardware that is in the regular size!!! Why oh why can't they make this, and the shiny silver hardware available on all their bag styles? Oh I want these on a few of my bags somethin fierce!!! Thanks ff for posting the links!
  12. ^^that does look sharp, doesn't it? I think they did shiny gold regular hardware on the limited edition gold part time from Selfridges as well...but I don't know if they've done it on any others...

    Maybe they ought to start taking special orders of hardware/color/style combinations. Doesn't Hermes do something like that?
  13. Ok, here's some from the 2005 collection! I wish they had started posting accessories on their webpage earlier... :rolleyes:






  14. ^^thank you!! Actually I had seen those already...that was the one set of photos that was working for me. ;) I was having trouble with the set that starts with a brown suede bag w/gold hardware on it (non moto) and then the set that starts with the magenta box. Thanks for taking the trouble to do this...and I agree, I wish they would have started sooner...and I also wish they would be more comprehensive in posting all the styles/colors for each season.
  15. Yep, it's only a puppy;)
    It opened on Feb.14th, 2003. I was so excited about their first US flagship store being in NYC that I had to go there right when they opened:heart: I :heart: that store. The concept, the architecture, the setting....I think everthing is so *Balenciaga*:tender: