ARCHIVE 6-01-13 Authenticate this Hermes **BAG**

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  1. Hi, thanks so much. However, if I add that this bag was bot originally from the reseller Brandsoff (asia reseller), which had a reputation, will that make a difference? I have seen the receipt just now (sorry, I just asked for it)

    Brand new was because the bag was not used before, but yes it is from 200x year.
  2. Bababebi, thank you so very much for your continued selfless contribution to those of us without your knowledge. It's much appreciated!
  3. Your account of how the bag arrived with you has changed a bit. In your first post you said a friend received this bag as a gift and was selling it. Now you say the bag comes from a reseller in Hong Kong and you have seen a receipt.

    I am very sorry, but I personally would really prefer not to comment further here on the pictures of this bag.
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    Hi, sorry, i meant she got it as a gift but it was bought from Brandoff originally. I didn't mean to cause confusion here. Cuz later I asked if she knows where the bag was from, then I was shown a receipt.

    I could go back to reseller if there is something wrong with it. That's what I meant.

    Many thanks for your kind help. I didnt mean to be flaky.

    Anyway, I will bring it to my Hermes SA and see if she can help further. Many thanks again!!!
  5. The bag was for sale on the BrandOff website. I searched and found it. Their pictures are even worse than yours, (LOL!) however they are a well known seller as you said.

    Taking the bag to Hermes is always a good idea.
  6. Bababebi, thank you once again!!
  7. I can speak enough German to evaluate that they have quite a bit of feedback complaining of fakes.For fake iphone cases
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    Actually I think the stamp of this bag is not a A but a V. 1992. And of course I agree it is authentic.
  9. Dear bababebi,
    Thank you very much for your assessment.:flowers:
    I will defiantly follow your advice.:thinking:
  10. And one more please. Am choosing between the two. Thanks again :p

    Item: Auth Hermes natural ARDEEN Kelly 32 cm goldHW handbag purse shoulder bag #2728
    Listing number: 330714597782
    Seller: mimiaction
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