ARCHIVE 12-20-12 Authenticate This Hermes Scarf / RTW

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  1. Thanks - I will peruse the thread some more and see if I find it.
  2. Maedi, if you speak of the missing grave accent, it is okay on this particular design. If you are concerned about something else, please share it with us.
  3. Borah, I saw this and didn't like the look of the silk. While the detail does seem to match up with pictures of authentic ones, I don't have a great feeling about it. Just instinct though.
  4. Markova is right. I did post a list somewhere in reference. In the meantime, this is okay.
  5. I did find a list you had posted in the reference section:

    "You might revisit this thought once you get to know the designs. Here is a short list of ones that don't have the name on them. Forgive the misspellings and messup of the name ... Champignons, Les Races de Chevaux, Chiens de Chasse, Combats des Coqs, Cors de Chasse en Forme d'Oiseaux, Crowns, Echiquer, Egypte or Scarabees et Pectoraux, Epaulettes, Eva , Ex Libris, Faisan et Lievre, Faubourg Saint Honore 2004,
    Gibier, Grand Prix, Grand Vent, Hussard et Cantiniere aka Le Madelon, La Danse, La Mare aux Canards, Le Monde du Polo, Tigre Royal, Les Attelages, Les Biches, Les Chats, Les Clefs, Les Insectes, Les Poulains, Les Truites, Mexique, Notre Dame de Paris, Orange et Citron, Perspective, Profile, Sangles, Timbalier, Timoniers, Tohu Bohu, Trompes de Chasse, Victoires et Scenes Militaire de la Vie de Napoleon, Vinci"

    But now a quick question - is it safe to assume mine is real / on that list? Right now I am leaning towards "real" based on other things, where it came from and with, etc...
  6. sdsurfchick - yes, the missing accent bothered me. I didn't mention it since it's usually discouraged to go into details. Is this an older edition?
  7. Your crowns is good.
  8. Thanks Maedi. It is an older issue.
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    Item:HERMES SILK SCARF EARLY AMERICA in greens from the 80s
    Listing number: 320484985056
    Seller: islagiatt
    Comments: I thought the George & Martha in the middle didn't show up until recently, yet the listing says this is from the 80's. Also, the tag is not fixed to the scarf the way I normally see it, this one is folded, rather than laying flat.

    Thank you for your help in authenticating this scarf!!
  10. I'm a little stumped by this as well. The copyright matches the caretag and is consistent with early 80's issues. I thought George and Martha came along in the '94 issue. I don't know what to tell you, except that if I wanted this scarf, I wouldn't hesitate to bid. Perhaps someone else can chime in.
  11. Thank you, sdsurfchick - you are amazing.
    The TohuBohu is sold already. Was a beautiful c/w.
  12. Thank you very much, sdsurfchick- I love this pattern and this particular color way, so I think I will give it a shot-but I'll keep my eye here to see if anyone else has any more ideas-I really appreciate you're taking the time to help me!
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