ARCHIVE 02-11-12 Authenticate this Hermes **BAG**

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  1. This is an authentic Kelly in my opinion, and it has been available for a while. Someone has asked about it before, if you search by the name of the seller you will find it.
  2. I took another look at your album, and at these pictures. My opinion is still the same, I believe it to be authentic.

  3. Thanks Bababei for helping me to take another look :biggrin:

    My paranoia simply got the better of me I reckon :P

    No words I can use to thank u enough xxxxx

  4. Did you search the name of this seller? I remember that someone asked about this bag, and the response was to skip it. I personally am not happy with aspects of the bag that I see in these pictures, and this causes me to think it is not authentic.
  5. Item:
    Hermes birkin 35 ardanne hand bag ghw natural
    Listing number: n/a
    Seller: let-trade

    Do you think that these 2 bags are the same? If not please authenticate.

  6. Kiska, looking back over your authentication requests, I can see that in the Hermes threads you have not yet asked about any bag that turned out to be legitimate. This too is a listing that gives me no sense of security whatsoever. A seller with zero feedback and insufficient images.

    Perhaps you could do some research here. There are great threads on buying a birkin. There are also threads about trustworthy sellers. You might do best to look for a bag from a boutique--would that work for you?

    Recently our lovely mod mistikat posted a set of tips and rules. One suggests that it is not really very useful to ask about bags from sellers with zero feedback. Even if the images are good, there is a high risk in that case that the bag shown might not even be in the seller's possession.

    I am not comfortable giving the thumbs up to any such bag!
  7. The clutch in the pictures is authentic in my opinion. It is vert anis in swift. However I would advise you to make sure the seller has it in their possession by asking for more pictures. I recommend that you should also be in France if you are interested in it.
  8. The Kelly is authentic. Please read the description and examine the pictures carefully to make sure you are OK with the condition disclosed by the seller. The seller is a member here, and invites offers on this bag if you are interested in it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.