ARCHIVE 01/11/11 Authenticate this Hermes **BAG**

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  1. Perle, this is a really great post. The bag does not scream fake, hopefully better pictures will put it in a better light, or tell us one way or the other. Thank you for the thought and time you put into this.

    You may have a martini now, if you wish! :drinkup:

  2. Only one of the pictures is loading for me. I believe others have said this seller sells authentic ... but the claim about the bag being available only by special order is rubbish. As is the ridiculous price. Just saying ... there are better deals out there.
  3. The pictures loaded for my on my computer. What can I say. I would definitely need some Pepto Bismol after looking at the price. Looks authentic to me, but at this price point, a visit to the boutique would be far cheaper.
  4. I would just like to chime in here too because even though 20% goes to charity, the price is still ridiculous......

  5. And who is the lucky recipient of the IRS audit? The buyer or the seller or both?:p
  6. i am still waiting for them to load. The price. No thank you.

    ETA: oh great. music too. ugh.

    The bag looks authentic, however.
    May as well say it after the long wait to look at it.
  7. ^^ what! I missed a serenade? I keep my speakers turned off all the time. Tell me, were they playing "Fools Rush In?"
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  9. I bought this bag at a high end consignment store, and if it's not authentic, I can return it without question. Here are some pictures I took of the bag. It's a Rosy Kelly Pouchette from 2008 that has never been used. The plastic is on all pieces of hardware including the turnkey. I took a picture of the receipt from the Hermes store where it was bought originally. The tag enclosed in the bag has the same reference #'s as on the receipt. I tried my best to get a close up of the engraved stamp on the hardware, but it's the best I could do. The engraving is very delicate and perfect with the little square at the end of it. The gold stamp on the inside of the bag is perfect, and you can see the small grave just above the pictures aren't the best. It came in the box, with a pillow, dustbag, felt cover for the hardware, tag & receipt and Hermes envelopes with the sales persons card! Everything is intact. If you need me to take better pictures, just let me know. Thanks so much for your help! :biggrin:
    DSC06316.JPG DSC06318.JPG DSC06319.JPG DSC06309.JPG DSC06323.JPG
  10. Yes, it did.
  11. Cannot say based on what is shown, need pictures of the interior, lock base etc... Seller sells Chanel, and has good history for Chanel, but I cannot find any Hermes history. Note that bag is I year, we are now in M year. Price is high IMO.

    Sum total is that based on what I see so far I personally am not convinced by this auction.
  12. A few more pictures...
    DSC06320.JPG DSC06338.jpg DSC06340.jpg DSC06349.JPG DSC06336.JPG
  13. Did we do the gold birkin...I searched and could not find it.
    I saw that it was asked for a couple of pages ago, but I did not see an answer.
    I am down to my last few marbles, am I losing them, too????

    A note on the gold bag...seller states refund only with written confirmation from Hermes that the bag is not authentic. This is not something you can get, so I have a little issue with that, but she has a good reputation for selling chanel....

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