ARCHIVE 01/11/11 Authenticate this Hermes **BAG**

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^^I have actually seen some of those pictures before. Possibly under another seller name.

And looks like this seller sold the same bag yesterday. Again, same images.

This falls under the "run away fast" category.
Sorry, please disregard above post--sent in error.
I'm trying to post a request and cut and past from e-bay, but when I come back to the form it's empty.
What am I doing wrong, TIA--first time posting in this thread :sad:
HELP :confused1: Thank you, yes I know this bag was discussed and this wast posted in error.
I want to submit a different bag and was trying to cut and paste from ebay into this as a template. I don't how this is done--whenever I go back to copy something into the message box, the previous text disappears. Where can I get help for this? TIA.
Item: Hermes NATURAL HAC 36cm PallHW bag birkin #2479
Listing number:2479
Seller: mimiaction

Item: Hermes ORANGE GUILLIVER BIRKIN 35 cm GoldHW#2401
Listing number:24o1
Seller: mimiaction


Welcome to the Forum Samina34.

Both of the bags you are asking about have been asked about before, if you search by the name of the seller you will find them at Post #5639 for the HAC, and at Post #5628 for the Birkin.

It makes it easier for the authenticators if you can do a search first, thank you for your understanding, and good luck!
Hi Ladies,

Please help me to authenticate this Birkin please:
Item: B35 African (Niloticous) Croc Himalayan Holly Grail Matt Palladium
Listing: Not on ebay
Seller: Carina (personal sale)
Link: NA
Comments: Actual photos of the bag from the seller is enclosed.


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