architek 37942 slingback size!

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    so i had BAD experience with Barney's:tdown:. they cancelled three of my orders due to high demand or something like that! so mad/sad.
    im thinking of purchasing this shoes. but anyone know if this shoes runs 1/2 small or bigger or true to your size?
  2. Love, I purchased these shoes and normally I size up 1 full size for the Numero Prives, but for the architeks I only sized up half a size. I also tried my true size and they fit well too but I was worried to get my true size since I never do that with CL shoes (exception is 120mm pigalles).
    Anyway, I feel that the architeks are cut a bit wider than other CL shoes, and therefore you probably need to get either your true size or 1/2 a size up.
    I always order 2 or 3 sizes and then decide which ones fit best. Saks has a very liberal and simple return policy so you can always return them with no problem.
  3. ^ My experience is the same as Kamilla's. The Architeks probably fit TTS on me, but the 1/2 size up also work. So, I ended up taking the 1/2 size up to account for late night wear when my feet swell. Unlike Kamilla, though, I take the same size in the Architeks as the Numero Prives. Architeks are wider tho.
  4. kamilla850 thank you!
    im normally 6.5 but i gotta pre-order that size...
    so should i just order 6.5 & 7 and see how size 7 fits???
  5. I just purchased my black/red architeks today and I can't wait! :girlsigh:
    I ordered half a size up.
  6. I am a classic 7.5, normal width. I just returned architeks in 38- they were just tooo big - I was falling out every time I took a step. The bad part is that 37.5 is on preorder :sad: HTH
  7. All this talk abbout these shoes I totally impulse bought a pair of black and red ones after my magentas:wtf::nuts::s:push:
  8. That would be my size then too. Did you get the Black & red?? How did they other wise and how did you like them in person?? I reall ylike them I am just not sure if they are me, I am hip but also late 40's.
  9. I say go for it! I am mid-40's and intend to work them :yes:
  10. whoops, wrong thread LOL
  11. Oh cjy, I think they are going to suit you! They are very understated hip. I am very conservative, yet I feel that they add a degree of "coolness" to my outfit that's not too over the top, KWIM?
    Yes, I got the read and black, and so far intend to wear them mostly for special occasions, going out, etc. This is primarily because of the heel height - i cannot work all day in heels that high [ if i could, I would not hesitate to wear them to work, but probably with pants :smile:)
    So my resume is that the design should not bother you no matter what your age/style; only the heel height you should consider :smile: HTH
  12. I'm a 6.5 but my feet are wide and I tend to size up. I just bought the Simple Pumps in 7 (they didn't have a 6.5) and I have th Matador in patent in 6.5. I ordered the Architek in 7 and 7.5 and they are both huge. I'm waiting for the 6.5 to arrive.
  13. So I ordered these in black (pre order) at Saks but i really wanted the nude, well just my luck the nudes just popped up in my size. Should I order them? I really love the way they look, and i dont have nude CL's and if i dont like them i can always return them right???
  14. Oh my gosh I just did a thread asking about the nudes!!!:roflmfao: I like the look of the nudes and if you have all the black shoes you want or need then go for it.:tup: