archaic classique

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  1. Guys.. I saw this classique in a consignment store yesterday and I just had to buy it. I'm not a big fan of the dirty olive color, but it has flat studs! It also has that long easy clip on/off strap, that nicole richie (?) carried. It's definitely a keeper, but it's just so unusual- I wonder if people will think I'm schlepping around a fake. I'm going to carry it with pride though!

    I'm surprised with how the leather was on this old bag, it resembles the newer leather quite a bit, although not as crackly. It also has plain black plastic zippers inside, and non-lampo brass zippers. I don't doubt it's authenticity, it's well crafted and has wielded o-rings throughout... Does anyone have this old classique as well?



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  2. That is such a cool looking bag :love: It looks great the way you wear it, too.
  3. Thanks Cristina! I keep having alternating thoughts of keeping or selling.. I'm going to take it out today and see how I feel about it! (And search for more. hehe. I'm bad)
  4. mlertpac, I love it! The color especially. I am a huge green fan, and this dark green is fabulous. Awesome find! Enjoy it.
  5. Nice color. Its so different from all I have ever seen. Where are these consignment stores when I need them? So many of you girls are finding true gems.
  6. mlertpac that's exactly how the caramel looks like, hehehehe...I am loving it since I am small and I can use it as a body bag...I love it:love:
  7. WOW!!! That is quite the find! You should indeed wear it with pride!!!
  8. That is so cool!!! Congrats! I totally agree with Cristina. I love the way you wear it, looks great!
  9. Wow! It looks great on you! Congrats!
  10. I love that dirty dark green color! I love Balenciaga will come out a similiar color like this one soon. It looks great on you so wear it with pride!
  11. Very interesting! What year is that from?
  12. I love the color! Did it come with any tags or cards to help us identify what year it is from?
  13. Very nice, and a good size! Looks great.
  14. Great bag!!! Looks fantastic on you too!
  15. wow!!! thats a great find!!!!