Arcadia or B. Makowsky, which is higher quality?

  1. Marshall's has them both. Which will stand up better for longer?

  2. Do you have any pictures? I have no idea but I would love to see the bags
  3. I had an Arcadia purse, the strap broke off of at the stitching after a couple uses, they are so awful don't get one. They are LV inspired designs. That was $80.00 right in the trash.
  4. I was just at TJ Maxx and Marshalls on Sunday and saw a couple of the Makowsky bags, loved them! They looked to be pretty nice quality, the leather was much nicer than I expected for the price (about $140.00):tup: better than the Arcadia.
  5. One vote for Makowsky! Their leather is surprisingly thick and smooshy- love it!