1. Has anyone heard of it and if so what do you think?
  2. I've never tried it or heard much about it... which product are you interested in?
  3. My SIL is a DIE hard fan...she is also a big advocate of botox, non invasive procedures...and she swears by the stuff...I have ordered the whole line...wish me luck!! I was hoping someone had a love for the stuff!!! I guess I will report back!:yes:
  4. I also use it. I usd to use Estee Lauder skin care products, I like this better.
  5. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. Hi there!

    A co worker of mine got me to purchase a full set ... I about died when I saw the cost. However, I really did like the way my face felt after I used it for a few days.

    But, my skin is super sensitive and it seemed that it almost moisturized my face TOO much. My skin is oily anyway. However, I wasn't breaking out as badly as normal (yes, as an adult I'm STILL getting acne...yuck!).

    I like it in general. I stopped using the full routine but still use the lotion and face wash. My husband also LOVES their body lotion. He's a lotion junkie. LOL :smile:

    Hope that helps.
  7. You won't be disappointed. It is a very good line. I also saw several improvements and I have to tell you, I am pretty sceptical about products and all their claims.

    One thing I learned...if you love the products and you know another person who uses can sign up to sell it and just buy it yourself at a discount. I know several people that have done that. I think it is like $30 to do that. You have to go to their website to read about it. etc. What I am saying is you don't have to be a sales associate...just benefit yourself.
  8. I want to purchase some products but It says I need a pin number, can anyone help me? Thanks:biggrin:
  9. If they still run it the same you can't buy direct from the website. You need to find your local sales rep.

    Maybe someone will chime in here and give you an update on how they do it now. If not, you can become a sales rep and then use your code to order.
  10. kellybag...I believe you are correct. A representative set me up so that I can log in and purchase as a representative even though I have no real intention of being a representative.

    It cost me an extra $30 to be set up though. I suppose if someone is interested I could order something. I think there's a way for me to have it sent directly to the customer. I'd have to look into it though. :smile:
  11. I also paid the $30 to get the discount...I should get my stiff in a few days...I can not wait! I will not be a sales rep...just wanted the discount!! It makes such a huge difference!
  12. the last time I was in the states with my daughter who has acne, I was at a friends home...and her friend came over with the, I kind of felt a little obligated...but, we got the acne kit...and the kid had clear skin within less than a week...I kid you not...and we are not speaking of a mild case here...I haven't personally tried anything, but it worked like magic for my daughter...even better than what the demo perscribed for her here...
  13. oh, and I did try the products of my friend for one day...but, I just didn't care for the way they smell...and went back to my Clarins...
  14. Arg...see, I had asked the woman I signed up with if she thought I should get the acne version and she said no because it was for teenagers. But come on...I have acne! Even at 28. I've had horrible acne for years and in middle and high school took the medication Accutane (now thought to cause depression and suicide...*sigh*).

    So I think I should go for that instead of the super expensive "adult" line. Maybe I'll try that the next time I order.
  15. I am a sucker for this kind of thing. As a Mary Kay and Avon consultant and loyal to only what works for me I just ordered some Arbonne...currently using Chanel-I am so bad:sneaky: but I am honest! If I like the Arbonne I will sign up for that too:roflmfao: The way I see it, life is short and I am not going to spend 3 years on a product if it isnt doing what I need it to do just because of an affilitation, but I do believe in all the products I sell work well-just not for everyone !!!