Arbonne and Gold Canyon Candle

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  1. Has anyone heard of these 2 companies? :confused1:
  2. my mom used to sell arbonne products. she swears by them (and she has beautiful skin)!!!!
  3. yes, I'll second that on Arbonne! Great skin and hair, women, kids!! I haven't heard of the other company.
  4. My mum loves Arbonne, but I am allergic to many of the ingredients in it. A rep (one of Mum's friends) put some cream on my wrist without even asking and a rash broke out immediately. I rarely use cosmetics because of the sensitivity. Jafra is the only one that does not cause a reaction and I use it exclusively.
    Gold Canyon candles are very popular in Phoenix and one of the ladies at work sells them. I can always tell when orders come in because they stink up the break room. Okay, I have severe sensitivities to perfumes so my opinion of them and the cosmetics is different from other's. The allergies also limit me to using the good stuff and actually cleaning my house to make it smell good.
  5. Was just looking at the gold canyon candles website...sorry if OT but does anyone have any feedback on them compared to Partylite?
  6. gold canyon candles imo are the best highly scented ones out there. I have ordered Party light was disappointed, their candles are more expensive and so are their accessories. GC candles are priced good and their accessories are not over prices. Home interiors makes awesome candles but not a great as selection as gold canyon.
    Arbonne, I just signed up with them. I love their products.
  7. i used to work with a lady that sells gold canyon candles. i LOVE them. lots of good stuff and at a reasonable price. they also have room sprays, scented book marks, and auto air fresheners.
  8. I used to sell Arbonne and they seem to have great products! I'm not familiar with Gold Canyon Candles though!