Arbitron ratings family?

  1. I have been asked to join the Arbitron ratings panel-myself and my entire family actually. It would involve wearing a personal device meter that automatically collects and stores a silent signal that is part of TV, radio and cable broadcasts. At night, I would put the meter into a recharger and the recharger would send the info to the company. In exchnage for this, i would receive a small monthly stipend (they sent me via UPS $10 cash just for answeirng a VERY brief survey over the phone the other day) as would anyone else in my house who do it on a daily basis. i would also, I guess, be influencing TV and radio ratings.

    Does anyone do this? Or, has anyone done this? Opinions would be appreciated.
  2. ???? Sounds like big brother.. sorta...
  3. not something i would want to do.
  4. i still kinda dont get it...
  5. I wouldn't be comfortable with it. for all I know the machine might be picking up signals from my ATM machine as well!
  6. ^^^ You don't have to carry it all the time or to the bank if you are concerned about the things like that.

    No one has heard of Arbitron ratings before? They are like Nielsen-noone knows them? OK
  7. I would need more info before doing it.
  8. I would do it, I belong to a panel where I get stuff in the mail to test...cereal, lotion stuff like that, the pay is usually minimal, $5.00 - $50.00, but it's fun to do and once in awhile they will have focus groups and they pay for that is usually 250.00...but more than they money, it's kinda fun to do...jmho
  9. That is how I feel-believe me, it has nothing to do with the money-LOL! I just think it is fun and we are big TV watchers and i would like to think I am influencing what people watch on Tv or listen to on radio.

    I remember hearing about the Nielsen families years ago and I always wanted to be one-LOL!

    As for the product testing in the house-my niece used to do that, I could never find a company to sing up with though. Who do you do it for?

    Here's the link to Arbitron :

    About Arbitron