Arabesque Jewelry

  1. Does anyone know the story behind this new line? What exactly is the shape of? Sorry I don't have photos but am hoping someone knows this offhand. It looks like an equestrian thingy and it is jointed. There is a necklace, ring and bracelet as far as I know.
  2. gazoo, I think I may have a picture for you. I'll post back here after I re-install the driver for my printer, and scan the picture. My &^%$# All In One decided to go on strike this morning!
  3. LOL! I can relate to your frustration, MrsS! My #$^@&# All-In-One decided it wants to leak ink.. :rolleyes: I've threatened it with the junkheap. Let's see if it doesn't smart up.:roflmfao::p
  4. My all in one is also on the fritz! A good friend put it well to me recently: If you have an all in one, when one part of it conks out or gets outdated, the whole thing becomes virtually worthless! I'll never buy another one.

    Back to topic: I'd like to see a pic of the jewelry too!:yes:
  5. My HP AIO really acted up big time. And I'm now under the weather. Sorry for coming back this late to post pic.

    Gazoo, have a look at this pic. On the model's right wrist (left side of this pic as we see it). The uppermost bracelet. Is that the one?

    I believe it got its name from "Arab stirrup". DQ/Hello .... What do you think?
    Hermes Pic.jpg
  6. It does look like it. The one my SA called about is very delicate though. But the hardware looks the same. Any notions as to what it actually does? Is it the stirrup? My husband used to have horses and says he can't recall any hardware like that in normal saddlery stuff.
  7. I'm not so sure about this but I thought it did look like 2 stirrups joined together to create the look of an egg-shaped link.
  8. I'll swing by and pick it up today and photograph it. I know that it is very "delicate" so we'll see how it compares to the chunky one.
  9. Can't wait, gazoo! :yahoo:
  10. Okay here it is. It is marked HERMES AG925 SH. Not sure what the AG or SH mean but know the 925 is the silver mark.
  11. To me it looks like a stirrup but I'd love a definite answer as to what the hardware is. :confused1:

    Now I don't think it looks that much like the one in the model photo. Any opinions?
  12. beautiful, gazoo!

    but it doesn't look like anything i put on my horses. :confused1:
  13. AHA. I doubted my husband (ssshhhh...) but he said the same thing. I am glad another equestrian minded person said this.

    I wonder why they call it Arabesque? You guys think if I email the pic to they'd have an answer for me?
  14. Thanks for the pic, gazoo!

    It's dainty like you'd expected. I am now very curious why it has the name Arabesque. If you find out the background to its name, it would be lovely knowledge! Please ask, please ask!
  15. I just emailed about it. We'll see what they say....