AR Sale!

  1. Hi all,

    I spoke to Yuko from AR.....btw very nice lady and very helpful!

    I was asking for paper work for my Chloe bag dispute and I happened to ask her about the sale so she said it might be the beginning of April on some of the pocket Paddingtons.

    Start saving girls!!!!
  2. Er - this is GOOD/bad news. What to DOooooo???? We only have a week or two to save. Gotta get it out of my mind.....
  3. NOOOOOO, If I buy another bag(and of course I will) I may be DH less. These sales are killing me I have yet learned to say no:girlsigh: :wacko:
  4. aiye i wonder how much the discount will be =D
  5. Oh no..................just when I thought I had control!!
  6. We never have control, how could we with all this temptation????
  7. Especially when it looks like none of the new bags will be worth drooling over. We are in for a dry spell. Better stock up now - right? Nooooo - forget that warped logic!!! Someone come up with a twelve step purse-aholic program FAST!
  8. This may help you fellow addicts but the purse I returned (yep full price) to AR wasn't entirely earth moving. True I wasn't thrilled with the creme (flesh) color of my purchase, but more important the med size pocket paddy (in that particular shade) possessed a stiff inferior leather that left me very dissappointed. Maybe the other bags are this way????? (okay the black and brown probably aren't) but still I'm trying to help....:sneaky:
  9. ok I'm turned off....thanks!!!
  10. Hiiiiii!! Im new to this thread. I hate to sound like Im on another planet, but was is AR?? Im racking my brain trying to think what it is. I would love to find me a chloe on sale....


  11. Hi there. It is a store in Hawaii that sells authentic Chloe. They have great sales where they mark the bags 40-50% off. No tax and no shipping on large purchases. The only downside is no returns on sale items. Here is the link:
  12. Thats exactly how I fealt when I first got on the forum....You'll slowly unlock all these terms and be on you merry to becoming obsessed like the rest of us.....ENJOY....;) ;) ;)
  13. Uh oh. There is a bag that I've been stalking at AR. If it goes on sale I may be a goner. :push: