AR Quality Issues

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  1. The Betty's were my first Chloe purchases. Does anyone else have any comments ont he quality of the AR Bags? I found the zippers are a little tough - soap will help that. Any other comments anyone?
  2. Why should AR bags be any different from other Chloe bags in department stores? Do you suspect AR gets their bags from elsewhere rather than Chloe? Chloe zips are nowhere near as smooth as Balenciaga zips.
  3. No, I believe they are authentic, but I was wondering about the overall quality of the Betty Bags in particular.
  4. My Paddy and my Edith both have rather stubborn zips. They are both genuine and I put it down to a Chloe trait.
  5. Thanks. I am a little mad right now because I sold the 2 I bought under my seller id. Both people are not happy with the bags. It is just getting me angry because I have to wait for one of them to ship it back and it is getting close to the holidays. I offered to let the second person return the bag.

    These bags are totally different than the Paddy & I think they expected a heavy, thick leathered bag. Then I got a complaint about the zipper (suggested soap) and stitching.

    My guess is that these bags are flexible and the stitching is done so thet the bag has some give to it.

    Just venting.
  6. The higher the price, the higher the expectations. I wouldn't pay $899 for a Betty, but the AR price was great and I'm very happy with mine, even though it's very different than other Chloe bags. Perhaps if your price was lower people would be more forgiving of quirks, and gals who missed the sale would be happy to take them off your hands.