AR latest stocks ?

  1. Did anyone have AR current bbags update? Thanks
  2. if you email them at, they'll send you a pdf of their current stock...
  3. ^^ i've got it cutie, PM me your e-mail :cutesy:

    p.s. did y'all hear our dear jumpei's resigning (?)
  4. I emailed AR a week ago for current stock pdf and they've still not replied!?
  5. Really! What a shame because he is so nice and helpful. Great customer service whenever I tried to contact them.
  6. ^^ PM me your e-mail & i'll send it over :smile:
  7. yup he emailed me a week ago that he's resigning and will stay until end of jan :sad: its so sad i love jumpei ..... pmed you for a pdf tia aaa :smile:
  8. I pm'ed you too!
  9. I had contacted them just two days ago and they said that their latests PDF file was still from 12/27/06. Did anyone have a newer version?
  10. Don't you dare pm me! :graucho: Then I will just want, need, desire, and finally BUY! :s
  11. Hi there! I got an email from Jumpei yesterday saying that they will have an updated PDF of their Bbag inventory in early February. Well, the news of his resignation is a BUMMER! I've only dealt with him. :confused1: Does anyone have experience with other AR staff?

    If anyone else wants a copy of the 12/27/06 PDF please PM me with your email addy so I can send it to you...
  12. ^^ lol, i'm sending to you now girl!!! :wlae:
  13. Oh N o o o o o.....:shame:
  14. i'm sure you've got some more room in the closet?!?! :graucho: :p :heart:
  15. You are a comedienne too? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Love ya!!!!