AR has violet step!

  1. Just got the email. $1165
  2. Do you know if they have it in any other colors?
  3. Sorry I don't know. You can call and ask. They are still open.
  4. I sent them an email so hope to find out soon.
  5. I heard back from AR:

    "We currently have the Step ($1165) in the Violet and are waiting to receiveit in the Black, Plomb, Tabac, Ivore, and Jaune D'or."
  6. Since the bags are not on the website how do you place an order (call, eMail)?
  7. You email them for style inquiries, any questions you may have in regards to Balenciaga.

    You will have to get an order form from AR and place your order via fax or email.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Any tax from AR for international buyer ?
  9. AR are happy to declare it as less but I think its about 1/3 of true value. So you would have to pay customs but a lot lot less than if they declared at full value. Good luck!