AR GIANT DAY Update - F/W '07

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  1. I enquired only about Giant Day and here's the response. I"m including the info re: notification in case someone didn't read the previous thread about this...)

    "Thank you very much for E-mailing us about the Fall/Winter GIANT DAY Balenciaga collection. There will be 2 deliveries as shown below. The price is $1,245.

    **Please note that we are getting 5 colors shown below.

    Pre-collection / estimated delivery date: End of June - End of August

    >> 1000 NERO/Black
    >> 6467 ROUGE/Red
    >> 9078 IVORE/Cream

    Main Collection Additional Colors /estimated delivery date: Mid August - End of October

    >> 3070 VERT FORET/Green
    >> 5140 VIOLINE/Violet

    *** PLEASE READ before contacting us about the above items***

    Because of our inventory system, we will not be able to hold or accept advance purchases for any item. If you would like, we can notify you when the specific color and style arrives.

    To be placed on the notification list, please follow the following instruction:
    Please email us with the size and color (using the color code above)
    in the SUBJECT line. The following is an example.

    Subject: Balenciaga The GIANT DAY NERO/BLACK

    Please note this needs to be repeated for EACH color and style you would like to be notified. We will NOT accept a request asking
    us to place you on the notification for all colors. Also, please note that the notification list is NOT a guarantee that you will obtain the bag.

    Also, please note that the above information is provided as a "guide" and unfortunately we will not be able to provide a picture until the actual item arrives. Please refrain from asking us to email photos or to describe the color in detail.

    If we could be of further assistance please let us know."

    Aloha Rag Customer Support
  2. I dont know if it is just me but "refrain....describe the colors in detail", hi customer service. I am from Hawaii and find AR not to be that customer service oriented for some reason, its easier dealing with Bal Paris. T

    he french dont seem to mind describing colors in detail....why cant AR? I am sure they get a million emails a day but thats buisness. If I told one of my clients to refrain from asking me to describe a process in detail, I would be fired before I knew it.
  3. SILVER or GOLD Giant hardware?
  4. Silver...just called 'em. HTH!
  5. they are only getting silver. what's up with that?
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