Aquarelle Speedy or Tahitienne? Why?

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Which one?

  1. Aquarelle Speedy 35

  2. Tahitienne PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. All this yammering about the price increase on Thursday has really hacked me off-- so much that I'm not even sure I'm going to buy another bag. But if I did, it'd be between the watercolor Speedy and the Tahitienne PM. (By the way, how much is the Tahitienne PM?)

    Anyway, which would you choose, and why? They're both Spring/Summer bags and both adorable, but I just don't know... I already have 2 Speedies -- Mono and Damier. And they are both 25s. I like small bags and am afraid the VVN Aquarelle Speedy 35 will be HUGE on me.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Actually, I like Tahitienne GM but if it's too huge for me, go for PM ;)

    The style is cute and look so fresh.
  3. Purple and pink color are my most fave colors ;)

    what's your fave color of Tahitienne?
  4. I vote for the Tahitienne PM. It one of my favorite bags out right now. It is so comfortable over the shoulder. The colors available are great for the summer. Not to mention the fact that it can be worn in two ways giving it a different look - clipped inside (triangle) or left open (square). Plus, I am a big bag kinda girl and being able to toss a bunch of summer essentials inside is a big seller.
  5. See, I LOVE shoulder bags too. I love the green and the pink Tahitienne-- my problem is that all my bags are brown or black, so I need to branch out!
  6. I have the pink GM... only LV bag that goes with gym gear! But I would recommend PM unless you really need a huge tote.

    On the other hand, Aquarelle speedy is girlish and would be suitable with summer dresses.

    This is going to be a difficult choice. Hmmm...
  7. See, I'm not a dress kind of girl. My summer uniform (as I call it) is khaki shorts and polo shirts. Sigh. I just can't decide!
  8. :nuts: The more I look at the tahitienne the more I love it! I just don't want to end up not getting the VVN watercolor and kicking myself for it later!
  9. ^^ I can imagine you with tahitienne in green!
  10. definitely the Speedy! no contest!
  11. Aquarelle Speedy 35
  12. LOL... the aquarelle speedy fans have finally caught up!
  13. I vote for the Aquarelle Speedy! It's more versatile and lasting. :yes:
  14. :girlsigh: I wish I could just get both!

    So what's the price of the Tahitienne PM?
  15. I lvoe my Exotic. (I am not a dress wearing kind of girl either) It's just that I have enough "shoulder" summer bags already. Having a stunning hand held was what I needed... so, for me, I would get the VVN 35.
    However, because of your comment, it sounds like you are more of a Tahitienne kind of girl.
    I saw LA's modeling pic with her Tahititenne... Wowza! Maybe I should consider getting a Tahititenne PM.
    Ban, what ban? :angel: