Aquanaut Luce Patek Phillipe?

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  1. #1 Mar 30, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2020
    Ok, so I’ve always seen this watch in pictures, but never in real life until I recently. Never really cared for it or wanted to jump on the bandwagon...but it’s so pretty in real life!

    I. Fell. Hard. For this watch!

    I’ve been googling around and on the official site, it’s $17,000 but on the second hand market, it’s over $21,000-$25,000!

    Does anyone know how hard it is to score this watch at Retail price?

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  2. In Asia/ and Oceania, if you haven’t spend some $xx,xxx at that particular Authorized Retailer. It’s a high chance that you’ll be on the “imagination” waiting lists. I don’t know about US and Europe.
  3. Try Kern’s in Burlingame, CA....they always seem to have this watch in one color or another.
  4. I think you should be able to get one without the mark up during this environment we are in as discretionary spending have died down. Good luck.
  5. Thank you for the tip! They seem closed now but I will remember the shelter in place order has lifted.