Aquamarine with GH on sale 20% off: all bags 20%

  1. Capitol clothing in NC called today and they have a sale, 20% off all handbags, including Balenciaga. I know they had an aqua with GH, not sure what else. They have low stock right bow because they are expectng fall bags in the first or second week in May, at least that's what a SA named Rhonda said. Does that mean yellow maybe? In time for summer, that would be :yahoo:
  2. Wow powder, great tip. Did you get anything?
  3. Oh crap, PP!! I said no more GH for now but GH Aqua is #2 on my list and I'd be foolish not to at least call, right? :p

    Somebody... anybody... PLEASE call and buy that bag!
  4. Great news PP! Thank you so much for sharing. Too bad they close already when I called. Hopefully I will get something tomorrow. I am eyeing on the Aqua Day..
  5. Thanks for the heads up... wouldn't hurt to call and see if they might have something I was going to end up ordering anyways... :graucho: