Aquamarine...still available????

  1. I`m thinking of getting a Aquamarine daybag or maybe a city?:yahoo:

    Can you girls tell me, if it is still available in the stores?
    Does Barneys carry it?:confused1:

    I have a storecredit there, so I`m wondering about it.:wlae:
    I saw all the pics here in the pF and I`m really in love with it.

    Not sure if it will be with GH or RH, but maybe the RG would be
    more my style.

    Anybody know?:idea:
  2. Yes, it's still available - I'm prettttty sure BalNY has some cities (not sure about work).

    I'm sorry, I wouldn't know if Barney's does... maybe you can call them & they could track one down at one of their stores & send it to you.