Aquamarine question

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  1. Is there a marine and an aquamarine or are they one in the same? Also, do you find the aqua colors to go well with lots in your wardrobe or are they best for use with clothes in the blue family? Opinions needed, trying to decide if my first Bbag could be a blue shade or if a brown shade is best.
  2. I didn't find the aquamarine to be that versatile with my wardrobe. Marine is a navy blue, so its totally different. For your first bbag, I would go with a brown. I love blue bbags, but a brown one is essential.
  3. I got the Camel as my first Bbag and it goes with virtually anything in my closet :smile: It's my "grab and go" bag.

    If I had to choose between Aqua and Marine... I would say Marine (I keep changing my mind, but now I'm leaning towards Marine).
  4. if color coordination is important, for the first one, id go with a more neutral color. youll get a lot more use out of it, save the brighter colors for a special occasion bag, or maybe for a certain pair of shoes, etc
  5. Thanks girls. I think you are right. I am thinking camel or truffle?
  6. I Love Truffle With Gh
  7. I'd prefer the brown shade as my first bag, as it definitely goes with everything in the wardrobe.

    Another vote for Truffle with GH too!!!

    I myself have GH marine. It's quite versatile as well.:yes:
  8. I :heart: Aquamarine & Marine... but I agree Marine is probably more versatile. :yes:

    One of the browns would be great for your first bbag... I have a brown on my wishlist, since they would be so useful! Either Truffle or Camel would be great choices...
  9. I guess it really depends on your wardrobe.

    One of the amazing things about Bal is their great colours, so I am voting against the grain for you to get a blue bag. Aquamarine is amazing, so is Marine and I think that Marine would be very, very versatile as well, moreso than Aquamarine.

    Bal pretty much makes a new brown every single season, so if you waited, you would get one next season.

    I wish you well,

  10. I agree with Bridget and vote against the grain, too. I have an aqua and find it to go with a lot. For instance, I am wearing winter white dress slacks today with a white v-neck t-shirt and a long violet sweater over it. I find that aqua looks nice with this. I wore a short gray dress last week, and I thought aqua looked nice with that as well. But marine would also be a nice choice. I feel that the beauty of b-bags is the choice of colors available, so it would be nice to get an unusual color as a first bbag. JMO.
  11. Brown shade is best for a first Bbag. But, I exchanged it for a blue b bag, sigh...

    Now, I can't wait to get another truffle or cafe b bag or a brown BV soon.
  12. Decisions, decisions, I like so many colors.
  13. I have worn my Aquamarine City daily for the past 2 weeks now since I got it. It goes great with every outfit in my opinion. I love this color! I am not too hung up on matching my BBags to my wardrobe that much though.

    What colors do you feel you wear the most?
  14. I keep seeing all of the lovely blues and I must say, I don't know about a brown for my first BBag anymore. I am in love with aquamarine and teal 05 and the more I see them, the more I think you could put them with just about any wardrobe. Would look just as great with a skirt as it would with blue jeans IMO.
  15. :yes: There are so many gorgeous Bal colors out there... I don't think it is a mistake at all to go straight for color if you're comfortable with it!!

    I think Aqua/Teal/Blues are pretty easily dressed up or down for the most part. ;)