Aquamarine Part Time pics!

  1. Okay - Here's pics of my Aqua Part time with RH. The color tends to appear brighter in photographs - kinda the way it looks in bright sunlight. It is quite a bit darker indoors. I included a pic comparing the aqua to my navy 05 twiggy to help get some perspective on the color.

    About the part time, I love the style. I think it looks great worn all different ways. However, its too big for my needs right now. I may get one in the future if I find myself carrying more than I do right now.

    Thats why I like the day because it looks great with the small amount of items I do carry from day to day but also looks good as things get added during the day.

    About the color. The color is like a bright teal. I was hoping for a more turquoise color, but its too deep to be considered turquoise at all. Its really pretty, though. Fans of teal will love this color. I am not a teal kinda gal, unfortunately, so I won't be keeping her.
    parttime3.jpg parttime8.jpg parttime10.jpg parttime9.jpg parttime12.jpg
  2. I really love it, but if you dont it is best to return! Love your navy twiggy btw!
  3. Damn....that bag is delicious. Im so jelous. It looks good on you!!

    But if you dont like it, are you going to get a different colour??. It does look good on you though!!
  4. I LOVE this color and style...if I didn't already have a PT I would snatch this one up in a heart beat! What are you going to get instead?
  5. Not sure. I got it from BNY, so I'll have to see what they have. An anthracite PT sounds amazing. I just bought a caramel day, otherwise I would get a sandstone day. Or, maybe a french blue day or bleu glacier matellase.
  6. Out of all of those the blue glacier sounds the best! I think a lot of girls are looking for that bag.
  7. Two words... Okay - only one - GORGEOUS!! I love it!!

    I'm sorry you don't love it though... What are you going to exchange it for??

    Thank you for the pics though!!! I am debating a part-time for myself, and I think it is definately the bag I'm looking for - your pics really helped!! :yes: Now to decide what color....
  8. Yeah, the bleu glacier matellase does sounds amazing. Its just so expensive. And, I'm worried about not being able to carry it on my shoulder.
  9. [​IMG]

    Beautiful, but I really LOVE your Navy Twiggy!!! :nuts:
  10. Congratulations! It is beautiful on you!
  11. it looks good on u in my opinion;p

    anyway, ur twiggy is amazing!!!
  12. too bad you're not keeping it, because it looks soooo cute on you! looks really great worn messenger style!
  13. It looks huge on must be on the small side. The PT doesn't look near so big on me...blah. ;)
  14. it's so pretty. congrats!
  15. Thanks for the color description. I was considering aqua as a replacement for turquoise but it looks like I need to keep an eye out for turq 05. I want a WE. I may be searching forever!!!! :sad: