Aquamarine owners:please help me!

  1. I search everywhere an aquamarine bag in France,I may have found one,but the SA told me about a "patrol blue"or "prussian blue",could you help me:
    What is the number(reference?) of this color.Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. I have a feeling the one the SA found was french blue, not aquamarine, but I can't be sure. I don't know the color # for aqua.
  3. 4667 is the reference number for aqua ( thats how i managed to get clarified with Bal Paris which colour i am actually looking for ! :yahoo: bag should be here tomorrow hopefully no mistakes were made...;)
  4. Nataliam,Balenciaga gave me this number too,but on an eBay auction the number was 1312...I was affraid that Bal.Paris did a mistake and has given me the number for french blue.
    Happy to hear you'll have your bag very very soon,you're really lucky!Enjoy your purchase!
  5. I think the french "name" for Aquamarine is Cobalt - at least that's what I asked for at BalParis and Printemps when I called looking for an aquamarine Day. They were sold out of the aqua Day so I got the last one at BalNY...

    Good Luck!
  6. Are you sure? I was told the French Blue was the cobalt.. I ordered a FB city, and they got the aqua:smile:
  7. eek no I'm not sure - I'm a Bal newbie - but when I looked on the ateliernaff site about color reference - the swatch board said Aquamarine/Cobalt - I also read it in a thread or two on the forum... :shrugs:
  8. found it :yes:
  9. im totally confused bbag is here ( gorgeous ! ) but the reference number is neither 4667 nor 1312...its 1316 ! balenciaga wants us to go totally insane apparently! :nuts:
  10. I think the numbers change with styles as well...... what have you bought nataliam?
  11. Thanks to all of you:flowers:,I try to find an aqua Day ,but it seems to be just impossible in France...:crybaby:
    Nataliam,sincerely happy for you(a little bit jealous too;))
  12. beautiful Miss work ! :heart: :graucho:

  13. have u called Bal Paris and seriously pushed them for info ? :yes: maybe they will be getting more aquas i know they were supposed to ! i was dealing with Francisco and he was the most helpful ( even though i think he knows way less about bbags than we do hihih:graucho: )

    my new baby is gorgeous! :heart: even though i regret a bit not waiting for the weekender ...:shrugs:
  14. i spoke to balparis about days and they had no aqua....... or french blue for that matter.........
  15. wow congrats, must post a pics thread!!!!!!!!!