Aquamarine or cobalt?

  1. Hello, i'm french and I live in Paris so sorry for the mistakes in english! I saw the Colbalt blue at the boutique and I would like to know if the english name of this color is aquamarine or are they 2 different colors? thanks!:confused1:
  2. It seems they are one and the same. We all had a bit of confusion here as well when we first heard of it. ;)
  3. Thank you, i was looking at the piks and thougt it was a beautiful color!! i'm new here and i'm from Paris i just wanted to be sure!
  4. welcome to tpf! as earth.keepr had said, cobalt and aquamarine are the same. :yes:
  5. Yep, they are the same - go for it!
  6. go for it and welcome :smile:
    You should definitely buy the Aquamarine, it's a gorgeous colour!
  8. Go for that...the aqua color is gorgeous~~