Aquamarine Is More Like Turquoise Or Bi?help

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  1. Hello Girls..I've been looking for Turquoise 05 for long time but it is so hard to get work size in that color so I was thinking may be I should get aquamarine instead. I have not seen IRL so can someone tell me how Aquamarine color is compare to BI and Turquoise? :yes:

    Anybody know when Bal-NY getting Aquamarine work size and make up bags in?
  2. an sa at balny told me that the new aqua. is very similar to blue india - so I didn't get it because I already have bi. Not sure about the turqu. comparison
  3. I really don't think the new aqua looks like turq. '05. Turq.'05 is much brighter where as the new aqua is darker.
  4. Thank you purse fanatic and zacorey~~:smile:
  5. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. yup the turq 05 is way brighter in comparison. i would say it is closer to BI.
  7. The one I got was not like blue India. Blue India is more gray toned and MUCH lighter with no green tones at all. I think aqua looks like a marriage of teal and turquoise. It's not as dark or vivid blue as turquoise but I think it's a good alternative and probably matches more things that turquoise does. There are several threads with comparison pictures of teal, blue India, turquoise and aqua side by side.
    Do a search and there are tons of posts and pictures on theis color and comparison.
    Now maybe some of the later ones are pale, but the one I had was not like blue India at all. Daphne took the tassels of BI, aqua, turquoise and teal and of the other 3 she also thouhgt it was closest to turquoise. She put the tassels right on the aqua bag. An exact match, absolutley not. Turquoise is way more shocking turquoise, darker and more of a solid satruated color with very few undertones. It either matches or it doesn't. The aqua is more wearable. Turquoise clashed badly with some of my jeans. Aqua went with all of them. But I'm a matchy kind of girl. Clashes annoy me and I don't feel comfortable. Contrast is fine, clashes a nono. :p

    Here is a picture of mine compared to Blue India both taken in sunlight.

  8. I have the Turq 05 and LOVINGGG It !!! So lucky that this Turq is a KEEPERRR !!! Lots of complimentsss !!! hihihi....... well, the 05 Turq yes is brighter and more vibrant than the Aqua 07. I love BOTH tho, I'm thinkin of ordering the Aqua as well, but I think I'm goin to get the Anthracite cos I don't have any greys B's yet....... and dying to get one in grey family. Go and get the Aqua 07, is to die for, believe me .... all B's Turq are beautiful and hard to get, they're eye catching !!! It's very balenciaga, U won't regret it. I hate the Apple Green 05 so much, yuckssss, the color so ugly !!!
  9. My blue india is a caribbean blue-green, not pastel-y and not bright. It's a rich color, and if I had to choose whether BI is more like greenish or blueish, I'd choose green-ish. It's just like those caribbean sea shots of the ocean where the water isn't too deep. I think it's a fantastic color.
    There are some pics in my collection thread, also a comparison with teal:
    on pages 7 and 8 :yes:
    I haven't seen aquamarine but it seems darker and a little greener.
  10. Both colors are gorgeous. If I had to sum it up, I would say BI is more on the pastel side than aqua. Aqua is a deeper color and is more vivid. The thing is... you see picture after picture but they are often in different lighting and I can assure you I can take pictures of the same bag in 5 different lighting situations and you will think it's 5 different bags. To really compare the colors you need to have the bags side by side in the same lighting or take pictures of the bags in the same lighting and place the pictures side by side THEN and only then you can see the true difference.

  11. this is so true. i took a bunch of pictures of the blue india, it really did look like 5 different blue colors. this is true for most balenciaga colors, but especially so for complex colors like ink, lilac, blue india, anis, etc... i jnow that the color can vary a bit with each batch, but most blue india pictures i've seen looked way more flat, sky blue than it really is on any BI i've seen. i wasn't WOW-ed until i saw it IRL. mine, IRL, was sort of a dusty carribean blue with quite a bit of green undertones.
    i haven't seen aquamarine yet, but from the pictures, it doesn't look all that much like BI. it looks like a cross between teal 05 and turquoise 05 to me.