Aquamarine Halo Ring

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  2. Now that I've seen the birks links this looks like AN AWESOME deal - I'd grab it!!!!!
  3. If anyone's interested, I saw this necklace IRL recently and I didn't like it. Much smaller than I thought, and the basket was so big, it sat up too high and kept flipping over. I'll pass.

    The search for a matching necklace continues, but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the ring soon :biggrin:
  4. I agree, the price points on the rings from were eye-opening...
  5. I agree 100% I have nothing to add!:smile:
  6. I love the first ring. it looks like it's more of an intense blue than the 2nd which makes a difference in the price. I love the idea of wearing a gemstone ring in place of your diamond e-ring. diamonds have been popular as e-rings only since the early 1900s, & really since the 1940s. I think it's a wonderful idea to have a unique ring to wear on your left hand.
  7. It's funny you should say that about gemstones, b/c when my hubby first proposed, it was with an emerald cut aquamarine solitaire. Aquamarine was his birthstone, and at the time we were young and in college and he couldn't afford to get me the diamond he thought I deserved. I loved that aquamarine ring, however I got many sideways glances from others who thought I was wearing a "fake diamond" :confused1: I even heard from a friend that another friend commented about my ring being a "bad quality diamond" because it was "blue-ish" I never presented it as a diamond and was proud to say it was aquamarine, his birthstone.

    Nowadays I see it's more common that women are getting different colored gemstones for their erings. A friend of mine recently got married and her ring was a beautiful ruby w/diamond halo. Another friend of mine is in a long term relationship, and her bf asked me to get some info about what type of ering she'd like. She was adamant that she did NOT want a diamond ring, explaining that her coworkers were obsessed with comparing whose ring was larger and cost more, and diamonds just don't fit her personality.

    Interesting that many women think an ering isn't real if it isn't a diamond. I found this link: that talks about what celebrity erings symbolize. In it he talks about Nicole Richie's pink sapphire ering:

    "An inverted cushion cut pink sapphire in a tight knit pave undercarriage, with an open airline split diamond pave band.
    What it says about Nicole: Inexpensive, colored stones are used for only one reason—to save money. They allow the wearer to get a lot of bang for little bucks. Common responses wearers give for choosing a colored stone include “It’s my favorite color” or “It’s my birthstone.” More likely the wearer wants big and fashionable but does not want a big price tag. Engagement rings that are chosen to impress rather than to represent the union hints that the union will usually dissolve quicker than an Alka-Seltzer tablet in water. The fact that the sapphire was mounted upside down suggests doubts about the relationship that haven’t quite surfaced yet. On the plus side, when a cocktail style ring is used as an engagement ring, it can easily be placed on the other hand as a right hand ring if the couple breaks up. In short, Nicole’s ring tells the world that she is unsure in her relationship and hopes pink wouldn’t bring it down like J. Lo."

    He goes on that way throughout the rest of the article, trying to brainwash readers into thinking that if you don't have a diamond ering, your marriage is a sham and will fall apart. He speaks so disparagingly about women and couples that have a colored gemstone ering. Complete rubbish. So many celebs have huge diamond rocks that are inversely proportional to the length of time their marriage lasts.
  8. whoever wrote that article, does not know gemstones very well! a fine quality with vivid colour in a natural gemstone is 10 times harder to find then a flawless diamond. some collectors can spend years trying to find the right gemstone in a specific size and colour, whereas diamonds you can find in almost any size, colour, and clarity on a dealer's website or in store within a very short time span. fine rubies alone per carat are the most expensive gemstone (including diamonds) in the world, this is also followed by sapphires, and gemstones that are not widely marketed such a alexandria, spinel (which is in many royal jewels) and was once mistaken as ruby, and paraiba Tourmaline which can run as high as $20,000 for a 1 carat Paraiba!!
  9. It is mainly an American thing the diamond engagement ring. I love diamonds and I have a very typical example, but in my country I'm the minority. Most women don't have the typical solitaire diamond. You see everything from pearls and sapphires to simple bands with no gemstones, to large and small diamonds. Basically any ring is just fine for an engagement.

    What a load of BS is that article.

    I will try to find a thread of a fellow TPFer who got similar comments here in this forum. She had a pink gem as e ring (if I'm not mistaken), a beautiful ring, but she got many comments of "Nice ring but it is not an engagement ring , it is a cocktail ring"

    Found it:
  10. yep, it's a north american view on erings. which fine! everyone loves some sparkle... i'm guilty of this as well. but for me theres something about coloured gemstones. the rich saturated colour, the silkiness of a sapphire, sparkle of spinel, the deep colour of fine aquamarine, glow of rubies! love gemstones...can you tell? haha

    that tiffany sapphire is amazing, I would love a legacy someday:cloud9:
  11. Exactly! I love diamonds too but I also know that some other precious gemstones are worth a lot more diamonds, and are harder to find. I'll take a beautiful flawless sapphire over a crappy flawed diamond any day.
  12. Thanks for the link, lily! I was scrolling through it and was about to quote from someone's post on that thread and I saw it was yours! how funny!

    "I think it's is a wonderful e ring, and I don't get the "right hand ring" comments, if it was a pink Diamond everyone would be aaaah-ing and ooooh-ing... a bit hypocritical imho..."

    I totally agree with that! I don't get what the dif is between the praise over blue, pink, or yellow diamonds compared to sneers about aquamarines, pink topaz or citrines... etc etc...

    And with Kate Middleton's resurrection of Princess Diana's sapphire ring, sapphires and other gemstones are more popular than ever.
  13. My DH is working closely with a gentleman that was working for a big diamond mine in S Africa. Through him and from my small experience from working with a Belgian gem expert I learned to appreciate all beautiful gems, each and every gem is special and beautiful. Diamonds are more popular due to marketing. They are not really rare the way the market wants the consumers to believe. And they are not really worth the retail price De Beers or Tiffany sell them. I love diamonds, because they suit my style, but I would never purchase from big brands.
  14. Agreed!