Aquamarine GGH vs NM Ltd Bleu Gunmetal GH

  1. Not sure if anyone has done this yet.... I thought it would be interesting to take pics of my Aquamarine GGH next to the NM Ltd Bleu Gunmetal GH.

    What do you all think? Too close? Totally different? I planned on returning or selling something, but now I'm not sure. lol. The NM Ltd bag is pretty darn unique... and god forbid I get rid of Aquamarine. LOL.

    NM Ltd Bleu City Bag
    w/out flash - w/ flash

    Side By Side
    w/out flash - w/ flash

    w/out flash - w/ flash
  2. Love the comparisons! They actually do look very different. Im loving them both. Yikes... dont get rid of either!
  3. Thanks for the comparison pics!! wow, really loving the Gunmetal!

    hmmm...if you're finding them too similar, how about getting an aqua in another style?
  4. I think they're close, so I say Aqua wins.
  5. Well size wise... they are totally different. The Aqua is a Part Time style, whereas the Bleu is a City Bag.
  6. I say too close, i like Aqua much more:smile:
  7. i like aqua with GGH!
  8. even though I have an aqua, there is something about that blue with gunmetal. I love it, don't get rid of the NM!
  9. I love both! I actually think they look very different.
  10. Sandy - congrats! LOOOVE your pics! Umm....keep both. Heh Heh.:devil:
  11. Sandy... thanks for the pics! GREAT to SEE the comparison.

    As you can see from MY avitar I am partial to the Aqua!!
    But... if these are colors you would USE ALOT... they have enough of a different look to keep both. The NM bag is more "casual and edgy". You could dress up the GGH aqua more!
    Tough decision!!

    Let us know!
  12. I like both of the colors, though I think I like the aquamarine more. I'm not sure about the gunmetal gh, does it look as black in real life as it does in the pictures?
  13. Here are some more pics in the sunlight. Now they look quite different... don't you think?


  14. It´s amazing how the colors change in every pic. For me both look beautiful, these blue shades have something special. It would be interesting to see a comparision to Blue India.
  15. I think they look quite different. The NM bag looks like a truer, bluer blue vs. the greener aqua. I think you should keep both. Or, if you have to pick, it would depend on whether you have more true blues or greenier/aqua-y blues.