Aquamarine First at BalNY - 1 Left

  1. Well... I'm excited!!! :yahoo: I have one Aquamarine First on its way to my home, to arrive sometime next week!! I will post pics when it arrives...

    There is one last Aquamarine First left - if anyone is interested!! They were both on hold, and finally came off hold. Terry isn't at work today, but she had me work with Liz while she was off this weekend...

    Hope this helps someone out!! :yes:
  2. Congrats on your new bag! I just got an aquamarine first too. Daphne was kind enough to let me do one more exchange (my marine city). I'll try to post pics. later.
  3. LOL... thanks Chris!! We like the same styles & colors, don't we? That's great!! - post your pics when you can, I would love to see it!!
  4. Does this mean there will be no more Aqua Firsts available at BalNY? Do they only get 1 batch and it's over?? :sos: Someone please!! I'm having serious heart palpitations here!!
  5. I want to see pics! It sounds georgous! I actually ordered one this week too! I ordered from Terri - SOOO helpful! I ordered a White City - OH, THE ANTICIPATION!!! I need to branch out into some cool colors like you, but I always seem to stick to white or black. PS. it's my first BBAG!
  6. O.K. here are pics. of my first "first." I think it's a bit greener IRL. I agree with others that aquamarine is a blend of 05 turquoise and 05 teal. The color is greener and more muted than turquoise but brighter than teal. It's so beautiful, it makes me happy just looking at it! I really like the color in a first, but have to admit I kept my name on the waiting list for a city in case the first turns out to be to small for me. I don't like colors that are too bright and this really seems like a wearable color to me.
    aqua1front.JPG aqua2back.JPG aqua3wear.JPG
  7. very nice~!
  8. TDF!!! Wow!!
  9. the color in the pic really looks like my blue india
  10. It is simply gorgeous :drool:
    colour, leather, all looks divine!! congrats to both of you!
    aqua is def a perfect colour for a first!
  11. yaya ... you beat me to it ... I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing that it looks EXACTLY like my Blue India Weekender!!!
  12. Chris, I love that color - I hope mine is that shade as well!! I am really hoping I love it IRL!!!

    earth.keeper - I'm not sure what else they are going to get in. I know that they found some days at the bottom of a shipment that they didn't know they were going to get, so I am not sure they know what quantity they would get. I couldn't imagine them not getting more sometime in the Spring, since the colors just came out?? I would call and ask, or hopefully someone else can chime in here too... :smile:
  13. It does a lttle, but I think that's with flash. I have had BI, turquoise and aqua and I have pics of all of them. It isn't like BI. It's more like teal and turquoise. It's much darker and brighter than BI and it isn't a pastel. It's bright.
    Your bag is gorgeous!!

    Here is a pic in natural light of BI and aqua:




  14. was prepared to make the same comment as the other blue india owners... looking at my bag and then at the pics here, it just looks the same. Do we have any comparison pics?
  15. I thought the same thing. It seems odd that Balenciaga would issue two colors that were so similar.