Aquamarine City?

  1. Hi...

    I am a newbie:smile: I am in love with the aquamarine city, is there any chance of finding this bag in any store?
  2. Hi Casey! Welcome to tPF!
    My advise is to spend some time calling every store that you can. It may take a while, but you just might be able to find one. That is what I did, and I found one at Sak's in Boca Raton. The trick is that the stores and SA's don't all call it Aquamarine. I think the tag actually called mine Cobalt, which is an alternate name for 2007 Aquamarine. I would just ask if they have any of the Aqua or Turqouise colors in City. The card that has all the numbers should say '2007 1' in the upper left corner. I hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK!:tup: