Aquamarine bag help!

  1. So I am totally in love with lordguinny's RH Aqua City but they are nowhere to be found.:nogood: I have two options at the moment.

    1. Neimans event (previously posted). I like the hardware, color is nice, like the distressed look. But I'd have to wait... I'm already on a wait list.


    2. BalNY has an Aqua in Gold GH, the leather is smooth. This is the exact bag available now.Does this become distressed over time? What do you think of the leather on this one? Also, does the gold hardware look weird? I have no BBag stores in town, so I have no reference to colors/styles... [​IMG][/IMG]
  2. Yeah, I concur. Wait for the NM one. I'm sure you'll eventually get it. If you're not a GH kind of person, there's no point getting one just so you can have the aquamarine color.
  3. Hi bonnie! Did Balny say they were no longer getting shipments in of the Aqua RH? I think you'll be disappointed with the GGH if what your original desire is to buy a RH (although I heard the color Aqua is brighter on GH's than RH).

    I like the NM special edition color but to me it looks more like Ocean than Aqua. The doesn't seem to have the same teal undertone as Aqua. Perhaps you can call Saks/NM/Nordstroms, etc. and ask them if they have an Aqua RH in stock. I do know some NM's have the Aqua GH in stock so maybe you can purchase one from them and if you don't like the hardware you can return it?
  4. Either wait for NM's or even for RH City to pop up on ebay. But I'm pretty biased as I really dislike GH...especially in gold. If you don't like it by now, I think you should just wait for the one you really want.

    As for the leather, it's just personal preference. Some girls prefer really smooth, matt, thick leather, some prefer veiny, thin leather. I personally like smooshy distressed leather, so I'm not too crazy about the leather on the GGH.

    Good luck!
  5. Await for what your heart's hard but well worth it. The aqua color is GORGE!
  6. There must be one out there... I just bought a new Aqua city in RH from BalNY two weeks ago. Hope you find what you are looking for :p
  7. If you have never seen GH IRL, I suggest you don't take the chance. I really really really dislike GH, whatever the colour.
  8. BalNY didn't say, but I'll call them again. I should call around Saks/NM/Nordies... The gold GH looks strange to me for some reason. Maybe it's just weird. Thanks everyone. I guess I need to be patient...
  9. ITA! :yes::yes::yes:... its all worth it in the end!

  10. Definitely wait for the RH. I am so craving an Aqua.
  11. Bonnie, I am almost certain I saw a RH Aqua last week at Saks in Boca. I actually have to pick something up from there today and will be going around 1, so I will check that out for you and if they do have it a will try to take a pic and then I'll get you my SA name and number.

    So look for this thread around 2! :p
  12. polos, did they have one?
  13. OK, so I just called them and I ?think?:shrugs: I got it. The lady there seemed kind of confused. She kept saying she had an Aqua with gold hardware and a Turquoise with regular hardware. There isn't a turquoise this season, is there?? And that one was brighter than the other, so I pushed her to admit that the GH one was brighter.

    When I asked her to describe the colors in detail even more, she said that both were the same color except one was regular hardware and one was gold hardware??

    So I got it, should arrive some time next week. And I'll post pics and we'll see. Thanks everyone for your help. Lordguinny, I must have hunted down your Aqua City thread at least 50x already!
  14. ^^^ So funny! The SA's at NM are so uneducated. Well, if you get the bag and it's not the right one then at least you can return it!

    I'm glad my thread fed an obsession!!! :lol: