Aqualina's Pink Sugar

  1. I love this fragrance. I received it as a gift last year and I'm about to run out. I have to stop by Sephora today to pick up a new bottle for myself. It's sweet and sexy and I receive a lot of compliments when I wear it.

    I'm so picky about perfumes because many are just too strong for me. My fragrances have to be light---I only use Tocca, Aqui De Palma, and Philosophys fragrances because they are the only ones light enough for me to wear and don't make me The Pink Sugar is great too....I'm happy to have found another fragrance to add to my small collection.

    Anyone else love this frangrance? Also has anyone tried the 'chocolate' version? How does it smell? I may pick this one up today also. TIA!:heart:
  2. I love pink sugar. I have a bottle in my perfume drawer right now. I love this scent for the summer and spring because it is so light and sweet smelling. It is very addicting and my boyfriend loves the smell.
  3. I used to love this when it first came out, I still have half a bottle left. I went to spray it and I think it has gone bad. I don't think I would buy it again. Now it seems too sweet to me. I tend to like musky fragrances on me.
  4. ^^ Probably has gone bad if you've had it awhile. I was reading an article a while back that suggested the best place to keep fragrances was in the refrigerator (in one of the drawers) because that will make the fragrance keep longer because fragrances DO in fact go bad. It also stated that perfume should be kept out of direct sunlight as sunlight speeds up the 'spoiling' process.:heart:
  5. I loooove Pink Sugar!

    I also love Armani Code, Victorias Secret Pink and Burberry Brit!
  6. ^^ How does the chocolovers smell? I will see when I go to Sephora in a few but I'd just like to have an idea. Is it really chocolate smelling or is it more subtle? I love chocolate but not really sure if I'd want to smell like

  7. You can smell chocolate, but the perfume is definitely on the sweet side. It smells better on me, than straight out of the bottle. It's also not an everyday perfume for me. I use it when I'm going out with my DH at night.

    Sometimes I get worried that I might smell like a car airfreshener :lol: , but my DH say's it doesn't (and he's always honest with me about that stuff.) My DH also told me it was subtle, that he really didn't smell it until he was close to me.

    Definitely test it out on your skin while you browse to see how it "wears" on you.

    The main reason why I bought all these "food" scented perfumes & powders was because I had read an article that stated men tend to be attracted to food oriented fragrances. My DH was my "guinea pig"...they worked. :graucho:
  8. Wow! Men attracted to foody smells, I'm going to try that around my boyfriend and see what kind of response I might get from him.
  9. I bought the Pink Sugar a couple years ago and loved it . I was shopping at the perfume store Limoni and found that they have it cheaper here in Italy than what I paid in the states. I decided to get some for presents this past Christmas and family loved it. I noticed they had the new scent Chocolate. I absolutely hated that one!
  10. I wore aquolina pink sugar about 3 1/2 years ago and really liked it then. I then started in with the comptoir sud pacifique-- those really smell amazing!!! I really like sweet yum smells!!
  11. i wore it for a while after it first came out. it's so yummy, but part of the dry down gets a burnt rubber note on me. i love smelling it in the store though and catching it on other people. i wish i could wear it. :smile:
  12. I tried it on in Sephora but it smelled too sweet on me, and gave me a headache :sad: I wish I could wear it too!
  13. Never smelled it but definately will have to check it out, sounds pretty.
  14. I love Pink Sugar. I wore it for a little while, but noticed it made me hungry... it just smells too yummy! LOL