Aquafresh Whitetrays

  1. Has anyone tried these? Reviews are not that good on
  2. These are absolutely terrible!!!! I got them as a gift in a stocking stuffer for xmas and I can't even try them for the third time. Crest whitestrips are 100% better. The aquafresh tray doesn't stay on your teeth and the gel is so gunky, ew.....

    Just a bad idea.
  3. I tried these and it's pretty effective, but yeah, the gel is so gunky AND it tastes weird. Plus, one time I accidentally got some of the gel onto my gums (because the tray is filled with the whitening gel) and white spots appeared on my gums for a few hours!!! Definitely go for Crest whitening strips.
  4. I did not like whitestrips. I was looking forward to trying the trays out. The reviews are overwhelmingly bad on this product. Any other suggestions?