Aquafina exposed!

  1. I always buy Aquafina when I'm out, and a friend mentioned that to me, usually I just want "water" and don't care so long as it's cleaned and the bottle is sealed.

    Mineral water tastes different to me, so guess that's why I like aquafina, it's exactly like the regular water I drink at home :push:
  2. I saw this on the news too. I don't mind that it's not anything special. It's still good for me and convenient. And I honestly think that water from the tap or a fountain has a bitter taste that I never experience with any kind of bottled water.
  3. I'm a little paranoid. I won't even drink the stuff through the filter on my fridge. My father in law worked for the water company and has told me many horror stories that I was shocked to hear...
  4. Interesting, my grandfather (now retired) used to work for the water company too here in Toronto and he always had so much good stuff to say about the water.
  5. lol. i've never liked the taste of aquafina! but somehow it says dasani is also tap..but dasani has a nicer taste! lol whoa whoa whoa!
  6. For some reason I'm not surprised that Dasani and Aquafina are tap water
  7. Im very particular about my bottled water, I guess because when I was younger I had issues about drinking water and it giving me stomach aches (or so I thought). I've never had Aquafina tho, and I dont think I will now..
  8. i think about a year ago i heard on the radio that some place did a test of bottle water vs tap water. they had i think 3 or 4 different types of bottled water and a sample of NYC(i think) tap water and asked people which one they liked the best. most people chose the tap water.
  9. I drink tap! Although I'm sure its much cleaner in Alaska, I would never drink the tap if I live in a big city.
  10. I have always drank tap water...and will continue to do so!! I feel like paying $$$ for water is a rip-off!!!
    This is just my personal opinion...and isn't meant to reflect on anyone else's water drinking every one of my friends drinks bottled water!
  11. I'm not surprised about the news. Considering Aquafina uses "Reverse osmosis" you can picture how they purify their drinking water. It's basically cleaning out tap water, removing all the crud in water and bottling it. Hence, I've never been a fan of purchasing reverse osmosis bottled water because it's the same thing as tap water (it's free). LOL
  12. I'm in southern california... that probably has something to do with it lol
  13. Yeah, I saw that or something similar .. tap water tastes great ;)

  14. You know my business partner told me this years ago and I never believed him cause he's a big conspiracy theorist ( you don't even wanna know some of his crazy conspiracies ) but I guess he was right on this one.