Aqua work??

  1. I just recieved the aqua in the city but it really is not big enough for my needs, has anyone seen this color in the work size in regular hardware? I have called several stores and so far I am out of luck. thanks!
  2. i know they still exists out there - i think the NM in KOP still had one. incoral, are you out there??? he should know, he knows all about the works!
  3. I hope there are still aqua works out there bc i really really want one, has anyone seen aqua briefs? That would be my second choice!
  4. There was a Aqua GH Brief at NM in Houston on Wed.!
  5. goodluck finding'll definitely be worth the search. Aqua is such a gorgeous color!
  6. thanks everyone, i will continue my search today...
  7. Hope u can find luck!