1. here they are. On my arm and over my shoulder messenger style. I'm not a small gal either - as you can see.
    arm.jpg messenger.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!

    Now that you can see aqua in person, how do you think it compares with photos you saw?
  4. :wtf: :nuts: :drool: WAAA.....
  5. I think like the one in my signature they're pretty equal.
  6. Beautiful color. Congrats! Thanks for sharng with us.:yahoo:
  7. I am in LOVE with aquamarine. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. gorgeous! i saw this exact bag in work style. GH and it looked amazing.
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Very nice. I think the gold hardware looks great on the aqua!
  11. Beautiful color! How do you like the size?
  12. Very pretty color! Enjoy!
  13. congratulations!
  14. That bag is GORGEOUS on you! You really carry it with style.
  15. ME TOO!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!!!!!!:love: :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!:yahoo: