Aqua or Turquoise (not deep turq)

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  1. does anybody have the aqua nikki(or any style in these colors) or the new turq? On LB they look exactly the same!!
  2. Look at the pics on . Those are the true colors. Aqua is blue/green and turq is more of a light blue.

    eta- la6 beat me to it. :nuts:
  3. Thanks girls, that was very helpful for me. I knew that someone would be able to help me here. Beautiful color on the Aqua MAC!
  4. No problem! I noticed the leathers are pretty different between the two colors. My aqua MAC has a sheen to it, and is slightly stiffer... the turquoise leather looks like it may be just like my Tan loveletter satchel and is more matte but probably softer...
  5. I still don't know which one to get, I'm going back and forth...uch so many purses so little money!

  6. Well, for what it's worth...I think you should get turquoise, the antique silver hardware is amazing :smile:
  7. I do like the current lining and hardware. I believe aqua will return later in this combo too.
  8. I am leaning towards the turq!
  9. #10 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    TURQUOISE!!! Antique silver = :drool:

    Plus, looking at hautechick's eBay photos, I LOVE how pebbly and soft the leather looks. And god, that antiqued silver hardware... it looks like a cross between gunmetal and silver, the two hardware color loves of my life! And if it doesn't work out... uh... my birthday's in a month :P
  10. Do you guys have more info about the turquoise color? I wonder how bright it is, I like the pics from luna Boston they look matte more of a pastel tone, on the other hand asteralice's pics are very bright.... Any info on this... Thanks
  11. I just got my Turquoise MAC today, and it is pretty bright. I think that the picture on asteralice is pretty accurate. It was dark outside when I opened it, so I have not seen it in natural light, but in my closet light it appeared to match some of my turquoise Lilly Pulitzer perfectly. Unrelated to color, but the antique silver hardware is amazing! :love:
  12. I had a turquoise mac very briefly, it's definitely matte and and the leather is very soft.
  13. Sounds beautiful!!! Could you show us pics!!! It's a keeper right?
  14. Pictures pleaseeee!!!