Aqua or black city for Mother's day?


Aqua or black for Mother's day present?

  1. Black city w/ rh

  2. aqua city w/ rh

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  1. Of course Mother's Day is coming and I always get something lovely. SO here is the dilemma, should I have DH order an aqua from BALNY now so that I am guaranteed that it won't be sold out when I am in Las Vegas in May or do I wait until I go to Las Vegas and shop from the stock there? The stock at NM is mostly GH though, so I would have to get black (which I have been wanting, but have felt that I could get black at any time).... So black or aqua? Honest opinions please

    CUrrent collection: Truffle city, FB city, Vert d'eau city, VIF city, vert gazon clutch

    What would be the best addition?
  2. Aqua!!! :woohoo:
  3. I voted for Aqua since it's Spring and it will be difficult to find later on. You can get Black any time and maybe in an older leather in pristine condition.
  4. Well, this is a tough one. Maybe you could call ahead and see if they have any RH city bags in Las Vegas? Well, I myself have black because it's practical. I remember you have truffle, vert deau, and FB. Aqua is similar to the FB, but that wouldn't stop me from getting it. But if you want more of a variety, I would add black.
  5. Both are nice but if you wanna have both & you are worried about aqua selling then go for aqua and get black later.
  6. I voted Aqua, since it's a current season color, and goodness knows when Balenciaga will come out with another one like it. A Black City, while classic, will sure to be available in later seasons...

    Let us know what you decide to get and, of course, post pics once you do...
  7. I think aqua would be a really nice spring colour and you can always get black later on in the year!
  8. I say AQUA!!!!
  9. I guess I'm in the minority because I would say black. I know that FB and Aqua are very different but I think it would be a more well rounded collection to have black.
  10. Gosh. I would pass out if I got something half as nice for mother's day. You are one lucky gal!

    I voted for aqua. Its more special.
  11. love aquamarine but you have enough blues and greens i think so i voted BLACK ;)
  12. i love black......
  13. since you have fb & vert i'll say black... unless you think you'll regret not getting aqua
  14. I voted for black. My black was the last bag that I purchased and I wear it a TON more then any of my others. I could never part with my black city!
  15. How about a Black City with Aqua accessary (like wallet, makeup clutch or ......).:graucho: