Aqua or Aquamarine? confusions

  1. i am slightly confused on this issue.:confused1:
    I always thought the "blue" bag we are all talking about this season is the AQUAMARINE....
    however, I realised that most people on here call it just AQUA!
    Now, i remember an Aqua (actually just called AQUA) from a few seasons ago that didnt look anything like this one..
    So which one is everyone referring to?

    How many aquas are out there ??

    thanks for a clarification:wlae:
  2. the color for this season is Aquamarine, which is also called Cobalt. they are the same color. people might be refering to it as just "aqua" because it takes less time to type! :yes:
  3. i voted Aquamarine!
  4. Yes, same color, aqua is just an abbreviation of sorts for aquamarine.
  5. ;) Agreed.
  6. ^^^ITA. The current buzz is about 07 Aqua(marine). But there is another, older Aqua, and there was a thread with comparison pix.
  7. Yes. When I meant Aquamarine, I typed Aqua. Maybe I should type the whole word "Aquamarine" from now on in case of the confusion. :p I did not know there was an older color actually called "Aqua" :shrugs: Which season is that??
  8. thanks, that confirmed what i thought.. as the actual AQUA is from seasons ago... :smile:
  9. What is the other Aqua y'all are talking about? Turquoise 04?
  10. No...people have been comparing Aquamarine/Aqua to Turquoise 04! But there's no color Aqua in previous seasons.


  11. incoralblue,

    when i used to work at harvey nichols (years ago) there was a colour referred to as AQUA.. thats the name the buying office had down..
    it was a very light blue.. if only i remembered :sad:
  12. ^ The "official" Balenciaga color could've been different. Neiman Marcus calls the camel color "Teak".

    It could've been Turquoise 05 but they called it Aqua. (Barneys tend to do the same thing).