Aqua leather........

  1. Those of you who own Aqua or have seen it IRL, how would you describe the leather (smooth, wrinkly, thick). I'm trying to decide which flat clutch to buy.......anthracite or aqua. I know the anthracite leather because I have a Work in it but I've never seen the Aqua.

  2. Cracker...where did you buy the aqua?
  3. I've only seen it on the PT with GH but the leather was amazing! thick, smooshy, soft, not veiny.
  4. IRL, the Aqua I have seen had been fairly thick and smooth.
  5. Thick and smooth, it is not at all veiny or wrinkly. I have the aqua giant hobo and I am so so so happy with the leather on it!
  6. Mine is pretty smooth and thick. But I am just a
    beginner to Bal and never seen the great leather
    produced in early years like 04:confused1:
  7. i've seen three that were all very different from one another. one was totally smooth, another veiny, and a third that was actually a different shade than the other two but they were all aqua!
  8. I guess I'll just have to ask Daphne or Crystal when the flat clutches come in. I like my leather with lots of wrinkles, thick and no marbling..........just like my anthracite Work :love: