Aqua Lara (swim wear )

  1. [​IMG]

    I like the one in the middle ...........Cant wait for the summer ( lol i cant swim but i like to buy swimsuits ):biggrin:
  2. very cute, i like the 1st piece, althou, it doesn't look like swimsuit.
  3. Love them, where can I find them? There is no info on their website.
  4. Very cool! Wow! They are almost too pretty to get wet!
  5. I like the middle one I can't swim either but I'm starting swimming lessons next Saturday.
  6. They are cute, the website does not say where they can be purchased. I am having a hard time finding nice bikini's anyone have anu suggestions? Does anyone know if Pucci bikini's fight really skimpy? BTW, I am not looking for a skimpy fir I just like the patterns :biggrin:
  7. GAwd those are sexy! I'd kinda feel weird sporting one of those at the beach, tho. Seems too fashionable, like you're trying too hard.
  8. They are sexy, but I'd be embarassed to wear one around. lol